Hey! I'm Taylor.

Imperfect Taylor hero image.

A few years ago, I graduated college with $60,000 of student loan debt.

At first, I didn’t really understand how my debt was impacting my financial future. But eventually, I stumbled upon a few personal finance blogs and my mindset changed almost instantaneously.

From these blogs, I learned that if I could get rid of my debt, I could take the money that would normally go to my monthly payment and instead invest it and put it toward my retirement.

The idea of retiring early was incredibly exciting to me, and that’s when my “debt free journey” really began. 

A few years after getting serious about paying off my debt, I started an Instagram called “Imperfect Finance”.

I wanted to document my debt payoff experience, and I wanted to connect with like-minded individuals who were doing the same.

Little did I know that starting this Instagram would completely change my life and be something that stuck with me day in and day out for years to come.

Long story short, I increased my income, cut unnecessary expenses, shared my experience on Instagram along the way, and eventually became debt free 4.5 years after graduating college. 

I had devoted a lot of time and energy to this “journey”, so when it was all said and done, I was pretty relieved.

Taylor holding her diploma that she paid off.
Me, the day I became debt free!

The name “Imperfect Finance” came to me one day when I was brainstorming a name for my Instagram account.

When I first started my debt free journey, I barely knew how to budget and I certainly wasn’t a finance major or anything like that. I knew I had a lot to learn in order to become debt free and that I would probably make a lot of mistakes along the way, but I was determined to become debt free regardless. That’s where the “Imperfect” came from.

When I became debt free, I faced a bit of a conundrum: I still find the topic of money to be incredibly important, but my life no longer revolves around becoming debt free. So what would I blog about now?

The answer to that question was pretty obvious to me: personal development.

Since I was a young kid, I’ve always been fascinated with learning ways I could not only improve myself but make the most of this one precious life that we all have.

So, after some time, I changed my handle from “Imperfect Finance” to “Imperfect Taylor”. Doing so allowed me to broaden my content and cover what I’m truly passionate about.

The name “Imperfect Taylor” also gives me – and everyone apart of this community – permission to be imperfect. As someone who is really quite a perfectionist, Imperfect Taylor helps me to show up authentically and work on embracing all aspects of myself – even the parts that are sometimes hard to love.

My dog, Bogey!