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The Jacksonville Buzz

A discussion about the evolution of my business, Imperfect Taylor LLC, and what ultimately led me to taking it full-time back in 2023. (spoiler alert: I was laid off!)

Taylor Hayes ('15) pays it forward by sharing tips on paying off student loans with college graduates

A JMU alumna paid off more than $60,000 in student loans over 4 1/2 years. Now, she’s sharing her personal finance tips.

First Hustle Then Brunch with Jazzy​

A fun conversation about the reality of what happens after you pay off all your debt, why it’s okay to pivot, how to take action towards your goals, and why you should be proud of yourself along this crazy journey called life.

This former Northern Virginia student paid off $60K in loan debt

The thought of paying off student loans can be overwhelming. One former Fairfax County student created her own student loan guide to help graduates get started.