How to Rollover Your Old 401(k) with Capitalize

Rollover with Capitalize

A few years ago, I started a new job, and I knew I’d have to rollover my old 401(k) from my previous company. Unfortunately, I had heard a lot of stories about how painful the rollover process was, so I put it off for a while. When I finally mustered up enough courage, I decided […]

Net Worth Update 2020

I created @ImperfectFinance (now @ImperfectTaylor) because I wanted a fun way to document my debt free journey. You might know that I paid off the last of my student loan debt in May 2020 but, simply put, I never really thought about what @ImperfectFinance would be once I became debt free. So now that I’m […]

How to Retire with $1 Million by 65

I recently traveled to Cartagena, Colombia for a wedding. I had never been to Colombia, or even South America for that matter, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to do so. What a wonderful city with so much culture. The picture at the top of this post is of the sunset over […]