The Easiest Web Design Tools For Female Entrepreneurs


This post is all about website design for female entrepreneurs.

Website design for female entrepreneurs.


There are a couple different routes that you can take if you want to create a great website for your business and boost your online presence. The two most obvious routes are: DIY (doing it yourself) or hiring a web designer to do it for you.

As someone who owns my own business, I created this very website on my own, and thought it was relatively easy to do. But I will say that I graduated college with a degree in Computer Information Systems, so I do have coding experience that has come in handy many times.

I still believe, though, that if you want to create a beautiful and high-converting website on your own and you don’t have much web design experience, that you absolutely can! There are so many tools that help make it so much easier and I’ll be talking all about them in this blog post.

But first, let’s talk about the different website platforms that are out there if you want to create a website for yourself.


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Website Design for Female Entrepreneurs

Here are the best tips for website design for female entrepreneurs.


Website Platform Options For Your Business

WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are the top three website platforms that I see female entrepreneurs use. Here, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of each one so that you can decide which one is best for you and your unique brand.



If you are planning on starting a blog that you want to monetize, and you want to create your own website, I recommend using WordPress (that’s what I personally use).

I read so many articles before creating my blog from blogging experts who were adamant about using WordPress for your blog.

Here’s a video from a very successful blogger, BySophiaLee, talking about the importance of creating a WordPress website if you want to monetize your blog content.

Creating a website with WordPress doesn’t take long at all, and you can add a theme to it (which is what makes your website look really pretty/gives it a professional look!) very quickly. I use the “Charlotte” theme from 17th Avenue designs.

I paid for my theme, but there are so many free ones that you’ll have access to when you create your WordPress website.


WordPress Pros
  • Lots of creative freedom, especially if you have coding experience!

  • Plenty of beautiful themes to choose from.

  • Best for bloggers who want to monetize their content.

  • You can add a shop to your WordPress website using WooCommerce or Shopify.


WordPress Cons
  • Not as user-friendly.

  • Can be very time-consuming.


WordPress Cost

WordPress costs less than $10 a month.


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The next option is Squarespace. I have seen so many beautiful websites created with Squarespace.

In my opinion, Squarespace is best for people who are looking to have a basic (but beautiful) website with an ecommerce store. For example, if you started a fashion brand and you sell clothes online, a Squarespace site would be great for that.

Like WordPress’s themes, you can apply Squarespace templates to your bare-bones website to really make it stand out. You don’t need to have the best design skills in the world to create a gorgeous website with Squarespace.

If you’re not really interested in blogging, I don’t see why you’d go through the hassle of setting up a WordPress site (which is a little less user-friendly). And with Squarespace, you can still write blog posts.

Squarespace, in my opinion, is the easiest platform to get a beautiful and easy website up fast.


Squarespace Pros
  • Create a beautiful website fast.

  • User-friendly.


Squarespace Cons
  • Not best for bloggers who want to monetize.

  • Less creative freedom when it comes to website design.

  • Most expensive option.


Squarespace Cost

Squarespace costs less than $20 a month.



Wix is another very popular website design service. I have never personally used it, and do think it’s less common, but I know many people who have used it and had a good experience.


Wix Pros
  • User friendly.


Wix Cons
  • Less common.

  • Not best for bloggers.


Wix Cost

Wix costs less than $20 a month.


Woman typing at a desk with a bookcase in the background.


Branding is all about what you want to convey to your audience. Do you want to be seen as impressive? Cool? Friendly? Inviting? Whatever the case may be, your branding can help you exude those things.

Branding can also help you attract new customers. Here are the best ways to take your branding for your website to the next level.



If you want help branding, websites like Canva can help you choose a color scheme or even make your own logo for free.

I used Canva to design my own branding a few years ago, and still use it almost every day now to create content for social media.


Hire A Graphic Designer

When I wanted to uplevel my logo design and brand colors, and wanted professional help, I started reaching out to designers that I thought could help.

During that time, I stumbled upon Nicole Yang, and she is the person who designed my blue “Imperfect Taylor” logo and helped me choose my brand colors.

I loved the work that she did and highly recommend her services if you are looking for new branding or graphic design help!

We had a discovery call at first to make sure she understood my brand identity, and we talked about who my dream clients were and things like what emotions or feelings my brand color palette would elicit.

Professionals are professionals for a reason! And they often implement strategic design tactics to help your business and website flourish. Hiring a graphic designer was one of the best investments I made.


Hands typing on a laptop with coffee in the background.

Helpful WordPress Tools and Plug-ins

Because I have more experience with WordPress, I’m going to share with you the tools and plugins that I use to make web design much easier for me and that have helped me build an attractive website.


Elementor (WordPress plugin)

The first is Elementor. I use Elementor to design entirely new website pages on my blog.

This tool is called “Elementor” because you can drag and drop “elements” (e.g. text boxes, pictures, buttons, etc.) onto the page or blog post that you are designing.

This makes Elementor pretty easy to use, and it gives you a lot of design flexibility, too! You don’t have to do any coding with Elementor.

I pay $59 a year for Elementor. You can see their cost page here.


“Head, Footer and Post Injections” (WordPress plugin)

This is a great plugin that makes it easy to add content to your website in the header (top) and footer (bottom). I have used this plugin to add my legal pages to the bottom of my website, for example, and other things like my Amazon Affiliate disclosure.

I highly recommend this plugin. It is so helpful when you need to insert something into your header or footers.


“Easy Google Fonts” (WordPress plugin)

This is another plugin that I love for web design! If you have a brand font that your theme doesn’t use, and it’s a Google font, you can use this plugin to apply your Google font to your website theme.

My brand font is DM Sans, and my theme from 17th Avenue didn’t use that font. So, I simply used the Easy Google Fonts plugin (which is free) to change it!


Hiring A Web Design Company

Finally, you can also hire a professional website design company to build your dream website.

This option is typically much more expensive than creating your own website, but it’s also a great way to relieve yourself of the burden of having to design your website by yourself.

It may be an investment to hire a professional web designer or company at first, but they can save you a lot of time and build you a custom website that’s designed for your needs.

A website designer is also going to consult with you about who your ideal clients are, so that the website they create for you appeals to your target audience.

Web design companies can also consult you on your brand strategy, and they will do their best to understand your unique style and preferences before creating or making changes to your website.


​Word-of-mouth referrals

Do you have any friends, or friends of friends, who may know someone who has used a web design company before? Did they like their work? Do you like their work? If yes, get their contact info!

Oftentimes, word-of-mouth referrals are a great fit.



​You can search for web design companies on Instagram. When you find a web design company that you like, take a look at their previous projects. Do you like what you see?

If so, fill out an inquiry form from their website, or DM them directly to see if they offer free consultations! With a free consultation, you can learn more about their service to determine if it’s a good fit for you.


Fellow business owners

Do any of your fellow business owners or competitors have a website that you love? If yes, take a look at who designed their website (or ask them!) and then reach out to that web design company.

Most websites that have been professionally designed will have a logo or disclaimer at the bottom (in the footer section) that shows who designed the website. This logo or disclaimer could be on any page of their website, but it’ll very likely be on their home page!


Final Thoughts

I hope this information about website design for female entrepreneurs helps you build the business website of your dreams. Good luck!


This post was all about website design for female entrepreneurs.


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