30+ Songs About Humility and Being Humble 

This post is all about the best 30+ songs about humility and being humble. 

Songs about humility.

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What is humility? 

What do you know about the concept of humility? According to Merriam Webster, humility means “freedom from pride or arrogance : the quality or state of being humble”. 

Interestingly, other sources say that having humility means to have a “low view” of oneself, but I don’t agree with that at all. 

In fact, I’d actually argue that most people who practice true humility actually have good self esteem. If you are acting humble, it usually means someone is praising you. If someone is praising you, it means you have a quality or characteristic worth praising!

In my opinion, the people who have something to brag about and don’t – i.e. the people that are humble – are my favorite kind of person. Usually, they know that they’ve got something special but they don’t feel the need to call attention to themselves in order to feel special. They know just how to keep their own ego in check. 

My favorite examples of people acting with humility are professional sports players after they’ve just won a big game. In football, for example, you’ll often see Quarterbacks being praised by reporters for their great game, but many of them deflect the compliments and instead turn the attention of the reporter toward their teammates.

The quarterbacks know they played well, but they don’t need outside attention or praise to feel good about themselves. They’d rather defer the credit to their team because after all, they know they wouldn’t have the success that they do without their team.

All in all, good things seem to come to those who practice humility.

Now that we know the importance of humility and what it is, let’s dive into the various songs about humility.

Songs About Humility and Being Humble

Here are 30+ songs about humility that have a very powerful message.

Country Songs About Humility

If you like country, then you’ll definitely like these country songs about humility.

1. Humble & Kind – Tim McGraw

In this famous song, Tim McGraw reminds his listeners that it’s so important to be humble and kind. Being humble and kind isn’t always easy, especially when someone isn’t treating you very kindly, but it isn’t something you will ever regret.

2. The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is an incredibly successful country singer, and in this song, she talks about where she grew up and how it played a part in making her into the woman that she is today.

3. Rich Men North of Richmond – Oliver Anthony

This is a song about how it can feel like you work all day to bring home very little pay. The singer talks about how politicians and “Rich Men” from North Richmond exist only to put down the “little man” or people who don’t make nearly as much money.

This is a song about how difficult it can be to be a working class citizen, but at the end of the day, you can’t let difficult times keep you down.

4. Hard Days – Brantley Gilbert

This is a song about how hard days really make you realize just how blessed and strong you are. The lyrics read, “If you never had hard days… Would you feel like you earned it? Would you live with a purpose?” Although hard days can be, well, hard… they make the good days that much more special, and ensure you don’t take for granted all of the blessings in your life.

Be Humble.

5. It’s Hard To Be Humble – Willie Nelson

“Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way” is how this song starts out. This is definitely meant to be a bit of a joke and it’ll definitely make you laugh!

6. The Struggle – Zach Williams

“The Struggle” is a song about people who struggle with addictions to medication and alcohol. When they can’t take it anymore, they open up a bible and ask God for help.

7. Half of my hometown – Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney 

“Half of my hometown” is a song about how you’ll always be half of your hometown. In the music video, Kelsea Ballerini shows a version of her life that could’ve happened if she never moved to Nashville from Knoxville to pursue her singing career.

8. Human – Cody Johnson

This song’s about someone who is still learning to be human. They ask for forgiveness but they admit to making plenty of mistakes.

9. Humble Quest – Maren Morris

Maren Morris’ song Humble Quest is about just that – she is on a humble quest. She is trying to navigate life and be a strong woman, but she is also trying to balance being humble and true to herself.

Being a woman in today’s world is a bit like walking a fine line – you want to be kind and humble, but you also have to stand up for yourself to ensure that you’re not just walked all over.

Worship Songs About Humility

If you’re looking for a powerful worship song, this is your spot. These worship songs are mainly about being humble and having a humble heart when it comes to your relationship with your higher power or God. Most of the messages in these songs talk about how important it is to yield to God and let him guide you as he is all-knowing. Many of these songs are also about not getting caught up in vanity or your pride.

  1. Humility – Malkah Norwood 
  2. Humble My Heart – Daniel Cha
  3. King of Humility – Justin Tweito
  4. Humility – Andrew Blooms
  5. Humility – Twila Paris
  6. Humble King – Vineyard Worship 

Purple flowers.

Pop Songs About Humility

Here are the best pop songs about humility.

16. Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammar

Upbeat rhythms are Andy Grammar’s forte! “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammar is an uplifting song that encourages resilience and optimism in the face of life’s challenges. Before you even listen to the song, just based on the title, you know this song is going to help get you through a hard day. 

17. Humility – Gorillaz

“Humility” by Gorillaz is a song that encourages the listener to embrace humility and simplicity in life. The lyrics emphasize the importance of staying grounded and true to yourself despite external pressures and distractions from the world around you.

18. Humble – Ren

“I try to make friends with my pain because my pain keeps me humble.” Isn’t that so true? Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you’re not perfect and that there is always more to learn.

19. I’m So Humble – The Lonely Island feat. Adam Levine

This song reminds me of Willie Nelson’s “It’s Hard To Be Humble” because it’s definitely a bit of a joke.

“It’s not a competition but I’m winning” is a lyric that sums up this song nicely lol. It’s basically a joke about being humble – this song is about someone claiming that they’re humble when they’re really not!

20. Modesty – Phantom Reality

If you’re looking for less lyrics and more of an “experience”, check out this song. One of the commenters on YouTube says, “the sound and images from this video makes me think of how brief a lifetime is and how we should appreciate the little moments that make us happy.”

A bee sitting on a flower.

Rap songs about Humility and R&B songs about Humility 

21. Work Hard Play Hard – Wiz Khalifa

“Work Hard Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa is all about working hard in life but also enjoying it too. If you work hard and play hard, your life will be great. But you have to be humble and be willing to work.

22. HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

This song is all about staying grounded despite success and maintaining your authenticity. If you lose who you are in the process of becoming successful, you have to make sure that the version of you on the other end of success is actually better – or else, what’s the point? 

23. Humble – Lil Baby

“Humble” by Lil Baby is another song all about staying down to earth even when fame, money, and success starts to become all you know. It’s so important to remember where you came from and who helped to get you where you are today, otherwise, you could become someone that people don’t like hanging around all that much.

24. Happy and Humble Freestyle – Dee1

“Happy and Humble Freestyle” explores happiness, humility, and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of challenges. 

Very few things are special if you don’t look back and see how far you have come to achieve them.

25. Forever Humble – Blxst

“Forever Humble” is a song about just that – maintaining humility forever. 

A sign that says "Humble".

26. The Search – NF

“Yeah the sales can rise, doesn’t mean much though when your health declines.” This is a song about how powerful your mind is, and how no matter how much success you may have one day, that without your health, the success doesn’t mean much.

27. Self Care – Mac Miller

“Self Care” by Mac Miller is a song about Mac Miller’s life. It delves into themes like mental health, self-discovery, and the importance of self-care. The lyrics explore Miller’s journey towards personal well-being and the challenges he faced along the way. 

The sad part is that Mac Miller ended up passing away a few years after this song was released which perhaps makes the messages of the song that much more vital – it is so important to take care of yourself, especially your mental health.

28. The Motto – NF

This is a song about how NF avoids the spotlight. He talks about how easy it is to start creating art that “the people want” but how if you do that you end up losing yourself and what makes you truly unique.

So instead, he stays away from social media, award shows, and things like dressing a certain way just because people tell him that he “should”. Instead, he stays true to himself.

29. Blessings – Lecrae ft. Ty Dolla $ign 

“Blessings” by Lecrae featuring Ty Dolla $ign is a song that expresses gratitude for life’s blessings, acknowledging the good that often comes with faith and hard work. 

The lyrics talk about the journey of overcoming challenges and appreciating the blessings, both big and small, in one’s life. All human beings have to overcome challenges, so everyone can surely relate to this song in some way.

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30. On Bended Knee – Boyz II Men

We often forget that humility can also play a big role when it comes to love. “Bended Knee” is a heartfelt ballad about love and regret. The singer expresses a willingness to apologize and go down on bended knee to reconcile and salvage the love that has been strained.

31. Modest – Isaiah Rashad

In “Modest”, Isaiah Rashad reflects on his journey and the challenges he faces in maintaining modesty in the midst of success. 

He discusses the impact of fame and the constant pressure to conform to certain expectations, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and retaining a modest attitude despite external influences.

32. Modest – Nav

“Modest” by NAV is about Nav’s newfound wealth and success. The lyrics touch on themes of materialism, success, and maintaining modesty despite the flashy lifestyle that often accompanies fame and fortune.

Rock Songs About Humility

33. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a song that imparts advice from a mother to her son, urging him to lead a humble and honest life. 

Now you can create a playlist of songs about humility! Which of these is your favorite song about humility and being humble?

This post is all about the best 25 songs about humility and being humble. 

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