100 Birthday Journal Prompts To Reflect On Your Year


This post is all about the best birthday journal prompts to help you reflect on your past year and the year ahead.

Birthday journal prompts to reflect on your year.


Your special day is here or it’s coming up, and you want to reflect on your personal experiences past and present in the best way you know how – journaling!

I love journaling at all times of the year, but especially on my birthday. Something about it always feels so special and meaningful, and I love to look back on the past year, and get excited for the new one ahead.

If you’re like me, then you’ll love this blog post all about birthday writing prompts 🙂 You can use these birthday journal prompts on your birthday, or even in the days before or after it!


Birthday Journal Prompts To Reflect On Your Year


Birthday Journal Prompts To Answer On Your Actual Birthday

Your birthday is the perfect time to reflect on who you are at this very moment. Here are some journaling prompts you can answer on your actual birthday.


1. How will you celebrate your birthday this year?

2. How did you celebrate your birthday last year?

3. Who will you celebrate your birthday with this year?

4. Did you ask for any specific birthday gifts? If so, what were they?

5. What’s the best birthday gift you received this year?

6. Did anyone text you to tell you happy birthday this year? If so, who?

7. Is there anyone that you were surprised to see text or call you for your birthday this year?

8. Will you have a birthday party theme this year?

9. What is your favorite birthday treat? Ice cream, cake, other?

10. When is your birthday? Do you like your birth date? Do you wish it was at another time of year?

11. Do you know what day of the week and at what time you were born?

12. Are you excited to be one year older?

13. What’s something that’s changed about you this year?

14. What’s something that’s stayed the same about you?

15. Do you like to celebrate your birthday? Why or why not?

16. At this moment, what are you most grateful for?

17. What in your mind would be the most perfect gift that someone could give you?

18. Do you ever work on your birthday? Will you work on your birthday this year?

19. Do you like surprises?

20. Do you like being the center of attention?

21. Do you always journal on your actual birth day?

22. Will you get some exercise on your birthday?

23. Are you in a relationship?

24. Who are your biggest supporters?

25. Are you proud of who you are becoming?

26. Do you have any unique talents or gifts?

27. When people talk about you, what do you think they say?

28. What is your favorite personality trait about yourself?

29. What are three things that you value most at this point in your life?

30. Is there anything that you wish was different at this very moment?

31. Which family member or friend makes you laugh the hardest?


Woman blowing out candles on a cake with her friends.


Journal Prompts For The Upcoming Year

Now it’s time to set intentions for the upcoming year. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What kinds of personal growth do you want to experience?

These birthday journal prompts will help you answer all of these deep questions and more!


32. What’s something you want to accomplish before your next birthday?

33. What’s something you hope to try before your next birthday?

34. Where do you want to travel?

35. Who do you want to get to know better?

36. Who do you hope to spend more time with this year?

37. What skills do you want to improve?

38. What’s something you hope to keep doing this year?

39. What bad habit do you hope to overcome this year?

40. What good habits do you hope to continue this year?

41. For this next year to be a meaningful one, what needs to happen?

42. For this next year to be a fun one, what needs to happen?

43. For this next year to be a successful one, what needs to happen?

44. What’s one book you want to read this year?

45. What’s a limiting belief that you want to get rid of this upcoming year?

46. Write a list of 10 words that describe how you want this next year of your life to go. Ex. travel, excitement, laughter, family, growth, etc.

47. What is something that will keep you motivated this year?

48. Name one person you can lean on this year when times get tough.

49. What are your top stressors? How can you better manage them this year?

50. Is there anything that you need to make this year your best one yet?

51. What things will you do to prioritize your mental health this year?

52. What things will you do to prioritize your physical health this year?

53. Who in your life is a good influence on you?

54. What do you hope for in this coming year?

55. What can you do to bring yourself more peace this year?

56. In what way will you take better care of yourself this year?

57. How will you challenge yourself this year?

58. What is one goal that you have for yourself in the upcoming year?


Girl sitting down with coffee at a table and journaling.


Birthday Prompts To Reflect On The Past Year

It’s a new year, but before you reflect on it, don’t forget to look back on all the wonderful times of your past one!

These journal prompts offer a great way to reflect on the year you just had so that you can be sure to take any lessons learned with you as you move forward. Your future self will thank you for answering these birthday journal prompts about your past year!


59. What was your biggest loss of the past year?

60. What did you learn from that loss?

61. Who did you miss the most this past year?

62. Who did you get closer to this past year?

63. What was one experience you had this past year that made you a better person?

64. What was one experience that you had in this past year that you wish you could relive?

65. What’s your favorite memory from the past year?

66. How did you get out of your comfort zone in the past year?

67. What’s your biggest regret of the past year?

68. What’s your biggest accomplishment of the past year?

69. What’s your biggest failure of the last year?

70. If you could change one thing about the past year, what would it be?

71. What was your favorite self-care activity in the last year?

72. What transition did you make this past year? Did you get a new job? Move? Get a pet?

73. Do you think you did your best this past year?

74. What did you spend too much time on this past year?

75. What did you NOT spend enough time on this past year?

76. Is there anything you avoided this past year that you should not have avoided?

77. Who cheered you on most this past year?

78. What’s the most fun you had this past year?

79. What was most painful about this past year?

80. What’s the biggest lesson that you learned in the past year?

81. Who do you wish you spent less time with in the past year?

82. What goal or goals did you NOT accomplish this past year? Why?

83. What milestones did you hit this past year?

84. Did you take any risks this past year? How’d they turn out?

85. What was your favorite movie that you saw in the last year?

86. What’s one important life lesson you’ve learned in the last year?


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Journal Prompts To Reflect On Your Past Birthdays

Here’s something you might not have thought about in a while… your previous birthdays. What do you remember about them? Is there anything about them that you wish you could change? 

These journal prompts will help you process your past birthdays in a meaningful way.


87. Do any birthdays of your past stand out to you most? Which ones and why?

88. Did you ever have a moon bounce or a pinata growing up?

89. Do you have a favorite birthday of all time?

90. What is one thing you wish you could’ve told your 10 year old self on your birthday?

91. What’s one thing you wish you could’ve told your 15 year old self on your birthday?

92. What did you do for your last birthday?

93. What was your favorite birthday theme as a kid? If you didn’t have one, what birthday theme do you wish you could’ve had?

94. What’s the best birthday present you have ever received?

95. Did you ever have your locker at middle or high school decorated for your birthday?

96. When you look back, was there an age that you were happiest?

97. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?

98. Have you ever cried on your birthday? If so, why?

99. Do you tend to look forward to your birthdays? Yes or no?

100. If you could go back and relive one of your birthdays, would you?


Final Thoughts

I hope you loved these birthday journal prompts! Maybe it’s time to start a new special tradition by answering questions like these each year around your birthday, if you don’t do that already.

Filling out these prompts is a great way to embrace the present moment, reflect on your unique experiences of the past year, and set new intentions for the upcoming year.


This post was all about the best birthday journal prompts.


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