4 Things You Need To Buy For Your Next International Trip


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I just got back from a 17 day trip to Europe with my family. We flew to London for a few days, then to Rome, Italy. We took trains from Rome to Florence to Verona and then Venice. Our trip ended with a plane ride over to Dublin for a few more days.

Our trip was amazing, and now I feel very qualified to share all the things that made my trip with my family even better! The things listed in this blog post made my life easier and less stressful while traveling internationally and I KNOW they will do the same for you!


This post is all about the 4 things you need to buy for your next international trip.

 4 Things You Need To Buy For Your Next International Trip


1. Dr. Scholl’s White Sneakers

Dr scholls white shoes
Photo Credit: Amazon

The #1 thing I wanted on my trip to Europe was a comfortable pair of white sneakers. If they were cute, that’d be a plus, but it was my main goal to ensure that I’d be comfortable while we walked miles and miles on our trip abroad.

These Dr. Scholl’s White Sneakers were recommended to me by my expert travel friend Raimee (@raimeetravel on Instagram – if you don’t follow her, you totally should – her travel tips are so helpful!).

I ended up ordering two different sizes off Amazon because I waited til the last minute (whoops!) and needed to make sure that these shoes were going to fit and that I could bring them on my trip.

I ordered an 8.5 (my normal size) and a 9 just in case the 8.5s were too small, but I’m happy to report that these shoes are true to size and the 8.5s fit perfectly! 

I didn’t test these shoes out or break them in before I went on my trip (I really trusted Raimee’s recommendation!) and they worked out perfectly… no blisters, no discomfort. I was SO happy with this purchase and wore these shoes almost every single day on my trip.

10/10 recommend!


2. AirTags

apple airtag being held
Photo Credit: Amazon

I never knew how important and helpful AirTags were until going on this trip. AirTags are little tracking devices made by Apple. You keep them attached to things that you don’t want to lose like your keys, your dog (lol) and things like luggage.

Then, you can track the location of those things on your phone with the click of a button.

You can imagine how handy these would be if you lost your luggage…

Shoutout to my sister Katie for buying a few for the family before we left because they ended up being lifesavers.

Each member of my family had an AirTag in their luggage which was great because at one point, we landed in Rome, and when my sister went to check to see if all of our luggage had arrived in Italy with us, she saw that her suitcase was still back in London.

I thought it was pretty amazing that even though we were all the way in Rome, the AirTag could track her suitcase 1,200 miles away.

Luckily, the people at the London airport had put it on the next plane to Rome so we were able to retrieve her suitcase an hour and a half later, but without her AirTag, we would have had no idea where her suitcase was!

I highly recommend AirTags for this reason. Never be worried about where your luggage is again! Especially with how crazy travel can be post-pandemic, AirTags are a nice safe guard to have.



3. BAGSMART Toiletry Bag


Photo Credit: Amazon

One of the other things I brought on my trip that I found to be incredibly helpful was this zip-up toiletry bag. I got it in a size Medium, and it unfolds into 4 different compartments for all of your makeup, hair products, medications, etc.

It is awesome and helps to keep everything together and organized.

toiletry bag
Photo Credit: Amazon

It also has a hook so that you can hang it up in the bathroom and easily find everything you need!

My mom also has this bag and loves it. It’ll definitely be with me whenever I travel now!



4. World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics

travel converter
Photo Credit: Amazon

Lastly is arguably the best thing that we brought on this trip – a multi-county outlet converter. If you aren’t familiar, the outlets in different countries are, well, different!

That means that you can’t just plug in your blow dryer or phone charger into the outlets in other countries. In order to do so, you need to use an outlet converter.

I loved this one in particular because it has different attachments so that you can alter it depending on what country you’re in. Since we were in England, Italy, and Ireland, this converter was great in that it could be used in all three countries even though their outlets were different!

All we had to do was change the attachment on the converter to the one that applied to the country we were in.

It also has USB ports and a USB-C adapter so if you have chargers that require a USB cord or if you have an iPhone that can be charged by USB-C, this converter is super convenient!

Dealing with outlet converter issues is not fun when travelling internationally, so I highly recommend investing in an outlet converter that is great quality and versatile. This one hits the mark!


This post was all about the 4 things you need to buy for your next international trip.


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