18 Motivational YouTube Channels For Self-Improvement

This post is all about the best motivational YouTube channels.

Motivational YouTube Channels.

If you want motivation, listen to the most successful people in the world. Luckily, many of them make the best YouTube videos in the world.

Another way to get motivation is to listen to inspirational video montages that play the most famous motivational speeches in the background. Not sure what I’m talking about? Not to worry, because you will learn about all of the BEST motivational YouTube channels in this post.

If you are needing a boost of motivation, after looking at a YouTube channel on this list below, you will absolutely get it! I am so thankful for all of these motivational YouTube channels because they have carried me through many days of low motivation, to ensure that I continue to chase my dreams.

If you want more motivation, and ultimately, to work toward a better life for yourself, bookmark this post.

Best Motivational YouTube Channels

1. Tony Robbins

If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, where have you been?! He is known as the ultimate self-improvement and motivational speaker, and has one of the best YouTube channels for motivation.

He is even the mentor for my personal favorite speaker, Ed Mylett. And I think that really says something, because Ed Mylett is an incredibly impressive motivational speaker himself.

If you didn’t know, Tony Robbins comes from a very modest upbringing. His father was MIA and his mother was abusive, but he persevered and eventually became incredibly successful.

Now, he hosts huge conferences that attendees often claim are life-changing, and he posts a ton of his motivational and inspiring content on his YouTube channel.

2. TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks is a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, for good reason. On TEDx Talks, the most educated, successful speakers discuss topics such as motivation, mindset, inspiration, and a whole slew of other things.

The reason TED Talks are so good is because the speakers are always captivating, and a lot of the information they discuss is often backed by science.

Here is a great example: a TEDx talk on the psychology of self-motivation, to get you started.

3. Ben Lionel Scott

Whenever I am feeling down or super unmotivated, the videos by Ben Lionel Scott always give me a boost.

Basically, each video on this YouTube account is a combination or montage of inspirational content. And all of the videos are pretty serious, straightforward and intense. So, if you’re looking for light motivational content, I wouldn’t recommend this YouTube channel.

But if you’re suffering from a lack of motivation and you want a kick in the pants, this channel is perfect.

4. Mel Robbins 

Mel Robbins’ YouTube channel is great for motivation for many reasons. She’s very relatable (a mom who admits her life struggles all the time) and honest. I like how she’s not afraid to keep things real. You can tell she really values that about her content – she works to ensure it’s authentic and relatable.

She is a great motivational speaker who will encourage you to keep going and not give up. You really can’t go wrong with her content. And if you like it enough, you can also find her on Instagram where she often shares selfie-style motivational videos, too. 

5. Motiversity 

Motiversity is a lot like the Ben Lionel Scott YouTube channel. Lots of montages of intense, motivational content that will definitely give you that boost you are looking for,

This channel is a great one if you need instant motivation to get something done quickly.

Black hands typing on a laptop.

6. Eric Thomas

Also known as the hiphoppreacher, Eric Thomas’ motivational syle is also intense. It seems that this kind of style really gets through to people, so I can see why it’s a bit of a theme in the motivational content space.

In this video, Eric Thomas speaks to the UCONN Huskies basketball team (a team that has won many national championships). If you are receptive to someone who is a bit yell-y (lol) but who is also very good at getting you to finally believe in yourself, listen to Eric Thomas.

7. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is an Indian motivational speaker with over 28 million subscribers. If you speak Hindi, you may want to check him out.

A few of his most popular YouTube videos include topics such as “How to make money without doing anything?”, how to “speak English with confidence”, and “morning motivational video”. 

With that many subscribers, it’s a no-brainer to check him out for inspirational videos!

8. Ed Mylett

I can’t talk about motivation without mentioning my favorite – Ed Mylett! ALL of his content is awesome, but what I love about his YouTube channel is that his videos often feature his podcast episodes!

He runs a podcast called The Ed Mylett Show and every single Tuesday, he interviews fascinating guests. But where he really shines, I think, is on his Thursday episodes that he does solo.

Ed Mylett is so talented when it comes to being inspiring and giving motivational speeches, and you can find all of his content on his YouTube channel or on his social media.

9. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (also known as Gary Vee) is known for his inspirational business content.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone who is very interested in marketing (maybe you’re a marketing major in college, for example), you will love his channel.

One of the things I always remember about Gary Vee is that years ago, before TikTok popped off, Gary Vee was CONSTANTLY telling content creators to get on the app! He wondered why everyone was stalling and not taking him seriously, but he wouldn’t stop talking about how anyone who got on TikTok was going to have a huge leg up on their competition.

Well, he couldn’t have been more right. TikTok really went crazy and so many people who jumped on it early got their big break. 

Nowadays, I really trust Gary Vee’s predictions when it comes to trending marketing tactics and social media in general.

10. CJ Chan

If you love the Ben Lionel Scott and Motiversity YouTube channels, you will love the CJ Chan one, too. They are all so similar! Intense montage videos with various motivational speeches playing in the background and inspirational video content to go along with them!

Women doing squats.

11. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes runs in the same circle of motivational speakers that Ed Mylett and Mel Robbins do. A former professional athlete, Lewis Howes is an incredibly wise business person.

His podcasts are easy to follow and relate to, and are always helpful. He also has a podcast that he records via video, and puts on YouTube.

Popular videos include topics like fasting, relationships, the law of attraction, and so much more!

12. Daily Boost Podcast

This is one of my new favorite motivational YouTube channels and podcasts!

The narrator, Scott, is so funny and down-to-earth, and every single week day he posts a new podcast and YouTube video that is short, but packed with a ton of wisdom.

For example, he recently recorded episodes about the importance of having an abundance mindset, how to find your purpose, and how passion creates motivation.

What I LOVE about this podcast and YouTube channel is, like I said, it’s short and motivational, and a new one is posted every single weekday. So if you are running low on time, it is so easy to pull up YouTube and listen for a quick hit of wisdom and motivation!

13. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a former monk, so he offers an incredibly different perspective on life in general. His whole mission, in fact, is to “make wisdom go viral”.

He interviews people like Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and even Joe Biden. He is a very respected and trusted person in the motivational space, as you can see by the kind of guests he is able to get on his show.

Jay Shetty talks a lot about relationships, mental health, the importance of being a kind person, chasing your dreams, and how to overcome difficult times.

If you want to learn life lessons and be motivated by someone who is seemingly incredibly wise and deeply motivating, check out Jay Shetty.

14. Mateusz M

When I was looking for motivational videos, this YouTube channel came up again and again. And now I can see why.

Not only are Mateusz M’s videos incredibly motivating, but his channel has over 1m subscribers, but many people actually claim that videos on this account have saved their life.

For instance, on this video in particular, you’ll see comments like “For 10 years this has been saving my life. Please don’t ever take this video down” and “I have been coming back to this video for nearly a decade. I can almost recite it by heart.” Clearly, this channel and this video really help people.

15. Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian monk and motivational speaker. He has over 5m subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His videos get thousands of views almost instantly, and he creates videos on topics like letting go of things that upset you, how to find happiness and the value of hard work.

If you are looking for sincere, heart-warming content, this is the motivational YouTube channel for you.

Person's running shoes on beach while they run.

16. Dr. Vivek Bindra

According to YouTube, “Dr. Bindra is known for his motivational speeches and training programs on leadership, sales, and business management. He is one of the World’s Greatest Influencers, a Leadership Consultant & Inspirational Business Coach.”

Simply, he is one of the most motivational YouTubers out there.

I had never heard of Dr. Bindra as his videos are primarily in Hindi (much like Sandeep Maheshwari) but he has over 20 million subscribers, so clearly he’s pretty influential and well liked.

Many of his videos are about business as Dr. Vivek Bindra is the CEO of a company called Bada Business which aims to empower Indian entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs (those wanting to become entrepreneurs).

If you can speak Hindi, check out any of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s videos on topics like investing, business lessons, leadership, and so much more.

17. Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is a great motivational speaker. If you ever want to hear from a relatable woman, check out her content!

She’s the kind of content creator where you gotta just take what you want and leave the rest, but I’m certain that if you listen to some of her content on her YouTube channel you will walk away with at least a few gems for motivation.

Rachel Hollis’ content is all about getting out of your comfort zone, how to make positive changes, and ultimately how to live your best life.

18. Diary Of A CEO

Diary Of A CEO is one of my absolute favorite channels. The host, Steven Bartlett, is smart, well-spoken, relatable and funny. He is a great conversationalist, and interviews the most educated and successful people in the world.

On his show, for example, he’s had Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy, Mel Robbins who I mentioned above, Rita Ora the singer, Busta Rhymes, and so many more unique and interesting people with all different kinds of backgrounds.

His videos cover a variety of topics, and each of them contain a TON of life-changing advice (really!). You really can’t go wrong with any of the videos from this channel – they are really all THAT good.

I hope you have found a few channels for motivation and self-improvement in this list. Let me know which ones are your favorite! 

This post was all about motivational youtube channels.


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