150 Powerful Affirmations For Discipline And Self Control

This post is all about self-control affirmations.

Powerful affirmations for discipline and self-control.


If you want more discipline and self control in your personal life, these affirmations will help you get there!

Discipline and self-control aren’t always easy to practice, especially if you are constantly being tempted by things that are trying to derail you, but these self-control affirmations will help keep you on track.

After you read through these self-control affirmations, identify one or a few that you can really relate to. Whenever you are doubting yourself, or feeling low on willpower, simply state your favorite self-control affirmations to yourself in your head, say them aloud, or write them down in your journal.

No matter how you use these affirmations, as long as you repeat them to yourself on a consistent basis (once a day is great), your mind will slowly start to believe them as fact.

You may not be the most disciplined person right now, but by implementing some time to practice your self-control affirmations, you will watch your discipline and self-control improve over time.


“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” – Buddha


Now, let’s get into these self-control affirmations!


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Self Discipline

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Overcoming Bad Habits

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Self-control Affirmations


Self Discipline Affirmations

If you are looking for self discipline affirmations or affirmations for willpower, you are in the right spot. The fact that you are here to read these means that you highly value self discipline in your own life.

These affirmations will help you stay focused on exercising self control so that you can reach your goals and/or become the person you want to become. These affirmations will also help you remember that while self discipline may not always be easy, it is always worth it.


1. I prioritize what is most important to me.

2. I make sacrifices now to see the benefits later.

3. I am a hard worker who sees things through.

4. If it was easy, anybody could do it.

5. I know my efforts will pay off in the end.

6. I know I can do this.

7. I am capable of completing difficult tasks.

8. I will not give up.

9. I’m the kind of person that pushes myself.

10. I have high standards for myself.

11. I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.

12. I have unbreakable willpower.

13. I am becoming my best self.

14. Self discipline is a core value of mine, and is very important to me.

15. With each day that I am disciplined, I am building my confidence.

16. There is no “try”. I either “do” or “do not”. Today I choose to “do”.

17. No task is too difficult for me.

18. Without struggle, the accomplishment won’t feel as good.

19. Self discipline allows me to take charge of my life.

20. I may not want to, but I know I need to.

21. Self discipline requires optimal inner strength and I’m working on building my inner strength every day.

22. I’m responsible for the progress that I do or do not make today.

23. When I want to give up is when it’s most important that I keep going.

24. I will fail along the way but I won’t give up.

25. It’s hard, but that’s why it’s worth it. 


If it was easy, anybody could do it.


Affirmations for Laser Focus

Especially nowadays, it can be very hard to focus. Distractions are everywhere (hello, smart phones!). But if you really want to make progress on your goals, focus is key.

These affirmations for focus will help you keep your priorities in line. 


1. I eliminate distractions so I can focus on my goals.

2. I dedicate time to my goals each day.

3. I always ask myself, “what’s the most important thing I can focus on right now?”.

4. I prioritize the things that will get me closer to accomplishing my goals.

5. The more I focus, the more my ability to focus improves over time.

6. I have the required will power that it takes to stay focused on my tasks.

7. Today, I have complete concentration on the tasks in front of me.

8. I am not easily distracted.

9. I focus because I’m so excited to accomplish my goals.

10. If I want today to be a good day, I know I need to focus on my goals.

11. Progress requires focus.

12. The best version of me stays focused on the goals that matter most to me.

13. Sometimes I have to say “no” to things I want now, so that “future me” can benefit later.

14. I work on things that are a good use of my time.

15. I am intentional about the work that I do and what I focus on.

16. I consistently maintain a high level of focus so that I can reach my goals.

17. I will not let social media distract me today.

18. Today’s goals require intense focus, and I know I am capable of that.

19. The end result that I desire is worth the focus and hard work that it takes today.

20. I have plenty of energy to do what needs to be done today.

21. I have total control over my day today.

22. At this moment, I am fully present and prepared to do my work.

23. I welcome focus and clarity at this moment.

24. If I get distracted, I do my best to get back on track quickly.

25. I am thankful for the task that lies before me and requires focus.


If you could use a productivity hack to help you stay focused, you should try the Pomodoro Technique.

With the Pomodoro Technique, you’ll set a timer for 25 minutes and work on what you need to work on. When the timer is up, give yourself a 5 minute break.

After your break, start working again for another 25 minutes, and then take another 5 minute break afterward. Do this another 2 times (so, 4 times total) and take a longer break after the fourth time (15-30 minutes of a break will suffice).

When you’re done, observe how your productivity and focus has improved. You can continue doing the Pomodoro Technique as many times as you see fit. 




Affirmations For Overcoming Bad Habits

Bad habits are nothing to be ashamed of – all of us have them! But if your bad habits are impacting your quality of life, it’s probably time to start working on them.

Here are some great affirmations for bad habits if you are looking to overcome yours and build better ones.


1. I am not “bad” because I have a bad habit.

2. The fact that I recognize my bad habit means that I am self aware.

3. I desire to do better.

4. When negative thoughts creep in, I remind myself that I am a work in progress.

5. I’m taking charge of my life.

6. With each passing day, I am getting closer to conquering my bad habit.

7. I’m the kind of person who is capable of changing my habits.

8. Overcoming this bad habit will be great for my mental health.

9. The best version of me does not have this bad habit.

10. I have high standards for myself, and that is why I know I will overcome this bad habit.

11. I have so many amazing qualities.

12. I am not defined by my bad habits.

13. I am determined to build healthy habits into my life.

14. Once I overcome this bad habit, I will experience an immense feeling of accomplishment.

15. Overcoming this bad habit will require persistent practice, which I know I am more than capable of doing.

16. I take charge of my own outcome.

17. I am in charge of my life and how I live and act.

18. I love myself, and that is why I focus on bettering myself.

19. Bettering myself is a good use of my time.

20. Strong self discipline is required to break my bad habits, and I know I am capable of that.

21. I choose to make good choices for my life because I love myself.

22. I am worthy of love, no matter what kind of habits I have.

23. It is tough to break bad habits, but I am strong.

24. I am more than capable of building habits.

25. I know I am meant for more.


I'm taking charge of my life.


Massive Success Affirmations

If you’re working toward a big goal, but you’re facing a good amount of self-doubt, criticism, or failure along the way, you’re totally normal. The important thing is to not let any of these obstacles hold you back.

Use these massive success affirmations for moments when hurdles and obstacles start to pop up on your journey.


1. Massive success is waiting for me.

2. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to experience success.

3. I give my best efforts on a daily basis.

4. I know that nothing is promised, but my goals are worth pursuing anyway.

5. I believe in myself.

6. Something tells me that success is waiting for me.

7. New opportunities are on the horizon.

8. Even when self-doubt creeps in, I choose to just keep swimming.

9. I am willing to get out of my comfort zone to get closer to achieving my goals.

10. I exercise a level of self discipline that helps me get closer to success.

11. With the help of self-discipline, I know I will live my dream life one day soon.

12. One of my greatest powers is the tiny voice in my head that tells me to not give up.

13. I believe in the work that I am doing.

14. I know my hard work will pay off.

15. I will no longer talk down to myself.

16. I will be kind to myself on my journey to reaching my goals.

17. Negative thinking is inevitable, but I won’t let it stop me.

18. I am grateful for my drive and determination.

19. Amazing self-control keeps me focused on the end goal.

20. I am worthy of my greatest desires.

21. I attract abundance.

22. My potential will one day be realized.

23. I can figure anything out.

24. I won’t forget to enjoy the journey on my way to my destination.

25. I am imperfect, and my journey to success will be imperfect as well.


I know I am meant for more.


Affirmations For Consistent Action

These affirmations for consistency will help you stay disciplined. Consistency is never easy, but it is key. There aren’t many things worth achieving in this world that don’t require consistency.


1. When I put my mind to something, there is no stopping me.

2. I am committed to my goals.

3. I keep the promises that I make to myself.

4. I can always count on myself.

5. My consistency will be the foundation of my eventual success.

6. I trust the process.

7. Just keep swimming.

8. Failure is inevitable, but it will not stop me.

9. Consistency is difficult, but I am too committed to stop now.

10. I am a highly motivated person.

11. I believe in myself and want the best for myself.

12. When obstacles pop up, I overcome them.

13. I always finish what I start.

14. I have confidence in my ability to stay consistent.

15. Consistency is what helps me reach my goals.

16. I have the self discipline necessary to be consistent.

17. Staying consistent has always benefited me.

18. I am dedicated to my goals.

19. I want to see what happens if I just keep going.

20. I owe it to myself to see this through.

21. I have already come so far, I might as well keep going.

22. There are so many ups and downs, but in the end, consistency is always worth it.

23. A year from now, I will have wished I started today, so I might as well start today.

24. I love myself and I refuse to give up on myself.

25. I have this goal in my heart for a reason, and I’ll practice consistency if that’s what is required to achieve it.


I know my hard work will pay off.


Affirmations For Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is key for discipline and self-control. It is normal to stumble or even fail in life, and if you can’t pick yourself back up, you’ll never get back on track! 

Change your negative thoughts to more positive ones with these affirmations for positive thinking.


1. I am a positive person.

2. When negativity creeps up, I replace those thoughts with more positive ones.

3. People love to be around me because I am positive.

4. Positivity is contagious.

5. I believe in my abilities.

6. I am smart, capable, and I will not give up on my dreams.

7. My positivity is a powerful tool that inspires me to keep moving forward.

8. I practice positive thinking in every area of my life.

9. I will do my best to view the present moment from a lens of positivity.

10. I am grateful for the present moment.

11. Every single day on this earth is a gift and I won’t waste it.

12. I surround myself with positive people.

13. Positive thinking doesn’t come naturally to me, but it is worth practicing regardless.

14. I am inspired by the positive people in my life.

15. I want to be known as someone who sees the glass half full.

16. I’m the kind of person who stops to smell the roses.

17. I value positivity.

18. I love myself.

19. I am enough just as I am.

20. I am proud of who I am and eager to see who I become.

21. I matter.

22. Today is going to be a fantastic day.

23. Today I’ll take one step closer to achieving my dreams.

24. I am grateful for my life and the people that do life alongside me.

25. I am in control of my thoughts, and I can choose to have more positive ones.


I want to see what happens if I just keep going.


Great Motivators You’ve Gotta Check Out

If you’re looking for even more inspiration to be your most disciplined self, you have got to check out the following two motivational speakers, Ed Mylett and David Goggins. These are two of my favorite people in the personal development space!


Ed Mylett: Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur, dad, motivational speaker, and all-around good person (at least he seems that way!). 

His podcast (The Ed Mylett Show) is fantastic – every Tuesday he features a new guest who is equally as inspirational and his conversations with his guests are always very helpful and candid. He is also very active and consistent on his Instagram.

And lastly, Ed Mylett wrote a book called The Power Of One More which became a Wall Street Journal Best Seller.

You can check out Ed Mylett’s book The Power Of One More on Amazon:


The Power of One More by Ed Mylett

Buy on Amazon.


David Goggins: David Goggins is an ultra-marathoner, ex-Navy S.E.A.L and all-around bada**.

His Instagram content will get you pumped up in a heartbeat, and his first book, Can’t Hurt Me, will encourage you to go after the life you want for yourself, no matter where you’ve started from (also a NY Times Bestseller!).

You can check out David Goggins’ book Can’t Hurt Me on Amazon:


Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins.

Buy on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

Affirmations are great for building confidence and believing in yourself. I hope you find this post helpful and that these self-control affirmations help you achieve your biggest goals!

Which of these self-control affirmations are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


This post was all about self-control affirmations.


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