What a Week of My Spending Looks Like

On my Instagram stories last week, I asked what you would like me to blog about, and most responses asked for a post on my weekly spending. Since I’ve never done this before, I thought this would be fun to document and write about!

This week is a bit unique because I am home in Virginia for the Thanksgiving holiday (I live in Florida now). I worked Monday and Tuesday of this week, and then had Wednesday – Friday off for the holiday. So just keep in mind that this spending is a little outside of the norm 🙂

Picture of thanksgiving food

Also, for context, it’s important to note that I am debt free. My spending would be a bit more reeled in if I was still paying off my student loan debt. Alright, without further ado…


Here’s what a week of spending looks like for me.


Monday – Total Spending: $0

I didn’t spend any money on Monday, and I’d say that’s typical. On Mondays I’m usually making meals using the groceries I bought over the weekend. But since I’m at my parents’ house this week, I get to eat their food and not have to spend money on groceries 🙂 lol. Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Tuesday – Total Spending: $2.16

I didn’t spend much money on Tuesday, either. I worked all day so I really didn’t do much, but in the evening my mom and I swung by a McDonalds to get sodas haha. I spent $2.16 on two of those.


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Wednesday – Total Spending: $137.39

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t spend much money on Monday/Tuesday because Wednesday was a bit more spendy.

I knew I’d be going out later in the evening, so I bought alcohol earlier in the day ($21.19). Later on, I bought Chick-fil-a for my sisters and I for dinner ($22.49).

Idk what it is about being the oldest, but I feel a sense of duty to take care of all costs when me and my younger sisters are together lol. Luckily, I don’t mind it at all. I feel very blessed to be able to treat them to things!

Later that night, I paid for an uber to get to the bars ($13.71) and then drinks for myself and friends when we got to the bar ($80). I told myself if I stayed under $100 for the night, I’d be happy. Since nights like these are rare for me, I allowed myself to be a bit more flexible with my spending.

I was going to Uber home, but the price of a ride was almost $60. Luckily, I was able to call my Dad to come pick me up instead. Getting a ride home from him saved me a bunch of money and helped me stay under my $100 budget for the night.


Thursday – Total Spending: $0

Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I took it easy and spent the day with my family. I went for a run in the morning, binged Selling Sunset season 4 on Netflix, and helped prepare our dinner that evening. It was lovely! And another day of no spending.


Friday – Total Spending: $201.53

On Friday, I made an appointment to get my hair done. I have a place I like to go at home, so I figured I might as well get it done while I was there. I got highlights, lowlights and a haircut which totaled $160.

Picture of girl getting highlights at a salon

The place I go to only accepts cash tips, and since I didn’t bring any cash, I ran over to CVS to get cash back. To do that, I decided to buy a candy bar which cost me $1.53, and then I got $40 cash back. I ran back over to the salon to give them my tip.

Buying a candy bar from CVS and getting cash back versus using an ATM saved me some money since the ATM would’ve had a fee of anywhere from $3-$7.


Saturday – Total Spending: $18.39

On Saturday morning, I had my flight back to Jacksonville. I bought a coffee to sip on while waiting at my gate which cost me $3.39.

After getting back to Jacksonville, David (my boyfriend) and I went to a local brewery where we watched football and played Uno 😛 Here, I spent about $15 on beers for myself.


Sunday – Total Spending: $63.51

After going to the gym in the morning, I headed to one of favorite coffee shops in Jacksonville to finish up this post 🙂 At the coffee shop, I bought myself a Vanilla Hazelnut Irish Cream latte and a chocolate truffle for $5.91.

Picture of coffee on table and laptop

On my way back from the coffee shop, I swung by a pet store to get our dog Bogey some food (we were running low) and a bed for his crate (something he’s needed). I spent $73.92 on these expenses for Bogey, which I then split with David as we typically split costs for our pup.

Later that day, I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s because why not 😀 The total was $20.64 which I bought for me and David, and that was the last purchase of the week!

Alrighty, that wraps up a week of spending in my life. This coming week, I’ll probably be doing a lot of holiday shopping!

If you enjoyed this post, share it with a friend 🙂 And let me know if so, because maybe then I’ll do another!



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