Paying Off Debt? 2 Books You Must Read for Motivation

The following books helped me tremendously on my journey to paying off $60,000 of student loan debt, so if you have student loan debt (or really, ANY kind of debt) you should definitely check out these books for help on paying off your debt more quickly!


If you’re paying off debt, here are 2 books you must read for motivation to pay off your debt even faster.


1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich – Ramit Sethi

This book is a classic. Pretty much everything you need to know about getting out of debt and building wealth will be in this book. It is a great introduction to personal finance, and Ramit’s philosophy is that you really don’t have to be an expert in order to get your money right (and eventually be rich!).

It will help if you start early, though. If you are paying off your debt, you are taking the right steps to build a better financial future for yourself, and this book will show you just how much potential you actually have once you get your debt out of the way.

Another thing I love about this book are the scripts within it that can help you negotiate your bills. For example, I used Ramit’s scripts in his book, word for word to negotiate my internet bill down from a $25 monthly increase to just a $5 monthly increase. Had I not called and tried to negotiate that bill, I would’ve simply accepted the increase that they sent me in the mail.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich will pump you up and motivate you to continue to keep going strong on your debt free journey.

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2. You Are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

You might be thinking, why would a book about making money be helpful for me on my debt free journey?

Well that’s because while it is very important to cut expenses as much as possible on your debt free journey, it’s of equal importance (and maybe even more important) to increase your income so that you have more money to put toward your loans – and this book can put you in the right mindset to do exactly that.

This is easily one of the most motivational books I’ve ever read. This book is actually a huge part of the reason that I got a part-time job on top of my full-time job (still can’t really believe I did that!).

If you struggle to talk about, think about, or believe in yourself enough to make more money, this book will change your entire outlook. Jen Sincero takes the typically taboo topic of money and makes it feel accessible and natural, and by the end of the book (and honestly even after the first few pages!) I wouldn’t doubt that you’ll feel super empowered and excited to go out and find ways to bring more money into your life. You Are a Badass At Making Money is a must-read if you feel any sense of scarcity around money!

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