6 Debt Freedom Influencers You Should Already Be Following

When I made my Instagram @imperfecttaylor back in May of 2019, I didn’t even know the Debt Free Community existed. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there were thousands of other people out there on the internet tracking their debt payoff, too – just like me.

If you’re not familiar with the debt free community (#dfc), it is a bunch of people who post to Instagram about their debt free journeys, or people who support others on their debt free journeys. Honestly, if you’re reading this post, you are more than likely a part of the debt free community yourself!

Creating @imperfecttaylor was a game changer for my debt free journey. In fact, I highly recommend creating an Instagram account if you have debt yourself because wow – not only does tracking your progress help keep you accountable, but the support and inspiration you get from other people paying off their debt is incredibly motivating. I am certain that creating @imperfecttaylor helped me pay off my debt so much more quickly than I would have without it. If you think starting an Instagram account for your debt free journey sounds like a good idea, but you’re unsure about sharing your numbers with the world, you can always make your account anonymous. I was anonymous for many months on @imperfecttaylor before “revealing” to the world who I am.

I honestly wanted to start this blog post by saying, “look, just take my word for it and follow all of the awesome people that I am about to mention below” but seriously, these accounts are great and they absolutely motivated me on my debt free journey, so I think it’s safe to say that these accounts can do the same for you!

Here are 6 debt freedom influencers that you should already be following.

6 debt freedom influencers

1. @DebtFreeSis

Miranda from @DebtFreeSis is easily one of the most motivating debt free journey accounts to follow. She’s determined to pay off her debt and her content will absolutely get you feeling the same way. She started with almost $60k of debt and has just about $11k to go.


2. @BabeOnABudgetBlog

Another awesome follow is Kendall from @babeonabudgetblog. She’s paying down 6-figure student loan debt and is the first to let you know about all of the legislation that’ll impact your student loans. Her latest content includes hilarious memes, federal student loan updates and ways to lower your student loan interest.


3. @WealthWorthyJourney

Despite paying down 6-figure debt, Vikki from @wealthworthyjourney shares her story with optimism and a smile on her face. Vikki is incredibly encouraging of everyone around her (she was one of my biggest cheerleaders on my debt free journey!) and is a must-follow for good vibes on your debt free journey.


4. @RefillingMyWallet

Another awesome account! Her Instagram stories are hilarious, her content is helpful, relatable and transparent, and she’s paid off over $25k of debt so far. Her latest content includes goals for her emergency fund and how she combines and handles her finances with her partner.


5. @FrugalSLP

Brooke’s content is constantly encouraging and uplifting, and she is paying off her debt at an amazing rate (she even won $40k to put toward her debt from Natural Light Beer after entering a contest by them!). She is buying a home while on her debt free journey, too, so if that’s a path that you can relate to, definitely check her out!


6. @DebtFreeGonnaBe

In one word, Nika from @DebtFreeGonnaBe is inspiring. She’s paying down 6-figure debt and there is just no stopping her. Her page is FULL of helpful information for your debt free journey – like how to negotiate your credit card interest rate, legislation updates and her signature grocery budget hack! Her current debt is around $165,000 and she’s paid off almost $50k of debt so far.

There are so many great debt freedom accounts on Instagram, you just have to go out there and find them! But this list is a great start 🙂


This post was all about 6 debt freedom influencers that you should already be following.


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