The 25 Best Life Coach Websites & Examples (2023)


This post is all about the best life coach websites and how you can make yours the best one out there, too.

The best life coach websites & examples.


As a coach and someone who works on websites all day long, I have seen so many great life coaching websites. I have also seen ones that could use some improvement. 

In this post, I will share with you 25 of the best life coaching websites so that you can get some inspiration or some ideas for how to create yours.

I will dissect each of these websites and tell you what’s good about them, so you can do the exact same things for your website. I will also share with you what to avoid. 

After reading this post, you will know exactly how to make a great coaching website for yourself and your services that will have life coaching clients signing up in no time.


The Best Life Coach Websites




Tony Robbins website


Tony Robbins is a famous life coach. His website is very clear and easy to read. He has a phone number to contact his team at the top left, along with his social channels listed, so potential coaching clients can follow him there.

His blog menu is very clearly laid out, so that website visitors can learn what his mission is, what events he has upcoming, how they can get into life coaching themselves, and a place to shop and find various resources.

His website also has a picture of him, so potential coaching clients know exactly what he looks like. He is currently promoting his latest offering “Unleash The Power Within” on his homepage in big bold letters, making it easy for website visitors to see what he’s currently offering.

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With a darker background and lighter-colored text, this website is very easy to read. Like, also has social icons in a very visible spot.

There are multiple places to “learn more” about Lisa Haisha’s offerings, like Corporate Speaking, Executive Coaching, and various other classes.

She also has a link to her non-profit, and a picture of herself. Pictures on the front are key so that potential coaching clients can see who they may get the chance to work with.




This website design has a super girly and modern design, which is great considering their ideal client and target market is young women.

They even have a picture of a young woman smiling on the front page which further solidifies the fact that their target audience is women. This makes things very clear for website visitors.

This website is very minimalistic, with a white background and few words. This makes it very easy for potential clients to understand.

When you’re on the website for a few minutes, a pop-up comes up that offers potential clients and website visitors a free “self-love starter kit”. This is a great tactic to collect email addresses, but also to provide your potential clients with value right away.

You can join Blush’s website as a life coaching client or as a coach, which is clear to realize as you browse their website.




What you’ll notice when visiting Stacey’s website is that an email opt-in pops up immediately. This is, like I mentioned earlier, an effective way to build an email list.

This website will strike you as “fun”. She has her logo in the top left, and an easily readable menu along the top right.

She dives into who she helps (all kinds of people create offers that they are proud of so that they can get clients that they love) and the overall vibe of this page is effective, yet unintimidating.

Stacey also has various pictures of herself so that the potential coaching client/website visitor can get to know her a bit more, and she has a banner across the top of the home page that is marketing her latest offer.

Overall, this is a beautiful and effective website.




Dr. Jackie Lau


This website has a picture of the sky in the background, so immediately upon visiting the website you feel hopeful.

You will see this coach’s logo, and a very clear menu. You will then see Dr. Jackie Lau’s credentials and what she does (PhD, Author, Speaker, etc.), followed by articles you may have seen her featured in – which help to boost her credibility.

At the bottom of her website, she also has various testimonials. These are key if you want your potential coaching clients to see the impact that you can have on their lives, and ultimately gain their trust.

This website is very simple, but it is to the point.




Carly Hill coaching


This website is very clean and organized, which makes for a good first impression.

Carly has included her logo and a very simple menu with only four options. This is a great idea if you don’t want to worry about overwhelming your potential clients with too much content.

She also includes what she does (teach female therapists how to make more money) and who she helps (overworked and underpaid female therapists), making her website extremely clear.

Carly spends time on her website convincing underpaid female therapists how and why she can help them make more money and take their time back.

She also lists the publications that she is featured in across the top of her website, so potential clients can easily see that she is credible.




This website is beautiful and inviting with its pastel color scheme. When you visit the website, you will notice an email opt-in pop up immediately, which we’ve mentioned before is a great tactic to get people signed up on your email list. This is also called a lead magnet.

On her website, you can easily find Cynthia’s offerings and testimonials. She also draws your attention to her Instagram as well as her podcast!

Cynthia’s website is clutter-free and it’s easy to find what you are looking for.




Something this website offers that many others don’t is an introduction video on the home page. There are pictures of the coach, Michelle, but the video offers her potential customers an in-depth look into her personality.

She also has various pictures of her with her community. It makes her seem like a very well-liked individual.

Like other websites, it is very easy to see Michelle’s offerings like her coaching, workshops, and community. She also offers various blog posts that help her community learn more about the areas she focuses on, like “activating your energy” and celebrating your soul.




This website is very simple, organized, and easy to navigate. A website visitor can tell very quickly that this website is about life and career coaching, as it’s the first thing you’ll see on the homepage.

They have a blog, a YouTube video that helps website visitors get to know them even better, and places visitors can go to learn more about all types of coaching, including life and career coaching.

Potential clients can also join their newsletter easily, see what events they have coming up, download various guides for free, and read their blog.

Having a blog is great because it helps highlight to your potential clients all of your experience and knowledge regarding certain topics.




This is a great, inclusive website because their purpose and mission is very clear from the start: this is a website that helps the LGBTQ community find professional therapy.

They also have a video playing in the background of a pride flag, making it very clear who their website is for.

They do a great job of explaining how their website and services work, and they even have a survey on the front page of their website for potential clients to fill out. This is a great way to capture information from website visitors right away.

Their website is very basic, too, with a limited menu. But one thing stands out – a FAQ page at the top right, so potential clients know exactly where to go if they have any questions.




This is a website that makes it very obvious who their ideal client is: men. This website has a darker color palette (black and red) and definitely has a more masculine vibe. This is perfect because they are catering to their ideal client!

They also mention that they won an award for “Best Life Coach For Men” which adds to their credibility as a successful coaching program.

This website makes it very easy for potential clients to schedule a free consultation, and to learn more about the person who created the website in the first place, and why.

The website also offers various testimonials, and a video explaining why someone may want to reach out to Man Up Life Coaching for help.




This website just boasts class and reliability.

The calm, soothing colors make for a trustworthy and reliable feel. The site owner, Esther Perel, is immediately the center of attention, as her picture on the homepage is in stark contrast to the text and other colors on the screen.

Immediately, there is a blurb of text that tells you exactly what you will find on the website, to eliminate any possible confusion for the website visitor.

On the website, potential clients and website visitors in general can easily find Esther Perel’s podcast, blog (with various topics covered), newsletter, and even a game about storytelling.




Iyanla’s website looks very spiritual in nature. From the earthy colors and her textured clothing, you get the feeling like you’ll have a very meaningful experience if you spend time with her.

Her pictures are also very joyous (she has a big, bright smile), which takes away some of the seriousness that can often come from spiritual life coaching.

After just a few seconds on her website, when you scroll down, you will see Iyanla in various pictures with famous personalities like the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, Oprah, Suze Orman, and more. She has various testimonials from her previous clients, too!




Marie Forleo’s website is beautiful. It’s got a feminine, fun aesthetic, but don’t be fooled – it’s clear to see that Marie also has a ton of experience helping businesses garner success.

Her website features her podcast, TV show, book (Everything Is Figureoutable, which made her a best-selling author), and pictures with other successful people like Michelle Obama, Jay Shetty, and Tony Robbins.

Marie’s website does a great job of showing that this is a coach that can help you and your business.




Another great example of a website is Immediately, you are intrigued by her homepage picture of her walking on a tree stump. Her website gives a vibe of successful and classy yet relatable and down to earth, and immediately, you want to learn more about her.

Very quickly you see that Martha Beck is a Harvard-trained sociologist. She is quick to show her qualifications to website visitors and potential clients. She also shares a quote from Oprah that says, “She is one of the smartest people I know” further enhancing her credibility as a coach.

Martha’s website is calming and refreshing.  




Elizabeth King is a fertility coach, and immediately you notice that her website is a little more light-hearted and brighter.

One thing she does really well on her website is tell the website visitor exactly what she is: a fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood coach. 

She has a very clear menu that is easy to read, and all of the news publications that she has been featured in to boost her credibility.

She also has very bright, smiling pictures of herself that are sure to make a potential coaching client feel very comfortable and welcomed.

Another key thing she has on her home page is a website opt-in. This way, she can build her email list whenever potential coaching clients visit her website.




Whereas some life coaches have text on their website front page, Mel Robbins’ website immediately has a clear call to action: watch her podcast and change your life.

This way, the website visitor is immediately getting value upon reaching Mel’s website.

Unlike other websites where the front page is dedicated to various offerings, Mel Robbins’ front page is all about her podcast. This is an effective way to get people’s attention and have them click over to it.

Mel Robbins’ website also features her books, a free 3-part training (most likely to capture a potential client’s email address), and her speaking background/experience so she can be hired for that.




Jen Sincero’s website has a fun aesthetic, and you’ll immediately notice her book (You Are A Badass) on the front page as soon as you visit. It is really a full-screen image!

She really injects her personality into her website with fun sayings like “You can do eeeet!” and “If my broke ass can get rich, you can too.”

Her website boasts all of her books (which are awesome, by the way), press highlights, free resources, and most importantly: her coaching offerings.

Jen Sincero’s website is so easy to navigate and read, and you will quickly find how you can sign up for her coaching, which is the whole point after all!




As soon as you arrive at this website, you will see an immediate call-to-action which is “Click Here To Watch My Documentary”. Showing the website visitor that you have a documentary is a great tactic because immediately they will think, I wonder what this is about.

Dr. Nikki Starr is a transformational coach, and her picture on the front page of her website definitely matches that vibe, as she’s outdoors in nature and has a more serious demeanor.

As you navigate through her website, you will see various articles that she is featured in, as well as many podcasts that she has been a guest on.

She shares how she has impacted her coaching clients, and she directs website visitors to her blog, so they can learn more about her and the way she thinks.

This blog is effective in that it sends a clear message that Dr. Nikki Starr can help you change your life.




This website has a very feminine aesthetic. You will first notice all of the pink, but shortly thereafter you will notice her call-to-action: sign up for her community coaching call. 

There is a big countdown to her community coaching call and a big, large button enticing website visitors to sign up.

Something she has on her website that is a little different than most is that she has a ton of social proof in the form of Facebook posts and Instagram messages. It’s hard to look at these and not think that she must be an incredible coach. Consider using this tactic for yourself!

She also throws an opt-in at the website visitor right before they are about to leave and I’ll be honest, it actually stopped me. So clearly, that works, too!




Another beautiful website that feels very nature-oriented and down to earth is Her website colors and fonts are delicate and resemble the sunset giving off a very calming vibe.

As you scroll, you will see a picture of Natacha herself working in a tropical location. Immediately you wonder, what does she do for work? And how can I do that?

She then shares the various coaching packages that she has. One thing that stands out about her website is that it’s very easy to see that she also offers a free consultation for potential clients. This is something I haven’t seen on many other coach’s websites.




This website is great in that you know immediately who Sophia Casey is. How? She’s in the background of the front page in video format. You can see her conversing with people and giving speeches – it’s clear that she is an authority in her space.

Sophia Casey’s website really stands out, too, because she is one of the only life coaches I’ve seen to actually display her life coaching credentials in a place that was easily discoverable.

Other life coaches either aren’t certified or don’t display their certification in a place that is easy to see. So, if you are a certified life coach and you want to stand out, why not include that somewhere on your home page?




This is another website that immediately gives off a calming vibe. And that’s perfect, because this website is all about healing through sound therapy.

Something that this website has that others don’t is that not only does it show articles where the owner of the website (Susy) has been featured, but it also shows all of the companies that she has worked with. This is a really nice touch that shows her credibility in more ways than one, given that all sorts of companies like to work with her.




This website has a very natural aesthetic. And immediately, you can see who Atousa is and what she brings to the table, because it is listed on her home page (Shaman, Healer, Life Coach, etc.)

This website has a very minimal design, which makes it easy to navigate.

What’s different about this website is that not only does Atousa offer coaching services, but she also has a spot on her website dedicated to her art. It’s really cool that she infused her art business with her coaching business. This definitely helps her stand out.




Another really beautiful and effective website is 

On this website, Aileen (the website owner) will direct you to her various offerings: things like her youtube channel with all of her video content, her podcast, and various products for sale.

Everything is incredibly simple and easy to find. Nothing about this website is overwhelming, and if anything, it feels more like a cool place to hang out than “just” a website.


Checklist For The Best Life Coaching Websites

These are things that all of the best life coaching websites include, that you should include in your life coaching website, too!


  • Your logo
  • A description of what kind of coach you are, who you help, and how you help them
  • A blurb about who you are as a person – share about your personal life!
  • Social icons so people can follow you on social media
  • A clear and concise navigation menu
  • Effective email opt-ins / lead-magnets to build your email list
  • Pictures of you
  • Testimonials / reviews
  • Blog posts that highlight your expertise on the subject
  • Your offerings (coaching packages, books you’ve written, podcasts, freebies)
  • Any Certifications and years of experience


I hope this post helps you create an online presence and great website that reflects who you are, what you do, and ultimately helps you get more life coaching clients. Good luck!


This post was all about the best life coach websites and how you can make yours the best one out there, too.


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