How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Table for Only $19

Now that I’m debt free ($60,000 paid off in 4.5 years!) I have been trying to find super budget-friendly ways to decorate my (rented) townhouse and make it feel a little more home-y for me and my boyfriend.

One of the ways I am doing this is by first, accepting any and all furniture that my boyfriend’s parents and my own parents are willing to give me (lol), and second, incorporating a little DIY to spruce up said furniture!

Most recently, I decided to tackle our kitchen table that was given to us by my boyfriend’s parents. This DIY project only cost me $19.

Here is the before:


It’s a super cute table! But I wanted to brighten it up a little bit, so I decided I would spray paint the legs of the table white.

I started off by taking the stools apart. I did this because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get any spray paint on the wooden tops of the stools/table. I really wouldn’t recommend this, though, because once I started spray painting the pieces, I would have to wait for them to dry so that I could flip them over and paint the other sides – this was very time consuming.


This is the spray paint I used:


I happened to have this spray paint can on-hand from a previous DIY, so I just went with it. One can of spray paint was only enough for a stool and a half (which was really surprising to me) so I ran out pretty quickly.

I went to Lowe’s to restock, but they didn’t have this same spray paint. In fact, I couldn’t find this spray paint anywhere (maybe I didn’t look hard enough) but I ended up switching brands and going with this one instead:


Luckily, the colors were a near perfect match. I actually enjoyed using this spray paint more because of the release button. Spray painting can be surprisingly uncomfortable, but this spray paint can was a little easier to use than my original one. I bought 3 cans of this spray paint for about $19.

By the time I bought my new spray paint, I had come up with a better plan to spray paint the furniture: instead of taking everything apart, I would just remove the tops of the stools. I really can’t believe it took me so long to realize that I could do that lol.

So for the stools, I removed the tops. For the table, however, I didn’t want to deal with taking it apart (it was set up a little differently than the stools) so I just covered the top with printer paper (haha it was the only thing I had) and blue painter’s tape.

Removing the tops of the stools for easier painting, and taped the top of the table.

This entire project would’ve taken me a few hours had I known how to appropriately tackle it (i.e. just taking off the tops of the stools instead of taking the stools apart entirely), but because it took me a while to figure out what was most efficient painting-wise, this took me a few days.

In total, I used 4 cans of white spray paint, and one can of a glossy finish (that I also had on-hand from Valspar) to ensure the paint had a nice top coat when I was done. I was lucky to have 2/5 spray paint cans on-hand, but honestly, spray paint is pretty affordable!

Here is the before picture once more:

Before picture

And here is the final product:


Not too bad, huh?! And it only cost me about $19! The next time you want to spruce up your kitchen table for cheap, consider using spray paint!

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