It’s Per$onal #97 – Age 31, Raleigh, NC

It’s Per$onal is an anonymous blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.


How old are you?



Where do you live? City and State (or Country if outside the U.S.)

Near Raleigh, NC


Do you like where you currently live? Why or why not?

Absolutely. NC is a great place to call home. I have everything I need within driving distance, but living outside the city in a more rural community gives me the small town, everyone knows you vibe that I feel is great for raising a family.


What is your highest level of education?



Are you single / in a relationship / married?



If you are in a relationship / married, do you and your partner have joint or separate finances?


Do you have any children / dependents?

Currently expecting our first child


Do you have any pets?

One pampered pandemic pooch


Do you find it easy or hard to make friends?

I think making surface level friends is easy. The true lasting relationships that can span years and distance is harder but much more fulfilling.

I have a small group of really wonderful people I can depend on to be there for me.


Do you have any hobbies? Please explain.

Gardening, reading, I try my best at watercolor paintings. (Skillpop classes have been wonderful during the pandemic for finding new and interesting hobbies).


Has Covid-19 impacted you financially in any way?

We have been extremely fortunate and have found ourselves making more money and saving more money since early 2020.


About how much do you spend on groceries each week?

We have an Everyplate delivery for 3 meals a week at $40 and spend on average around $400 a month at the grocery store


What is your total monthly rent / mortgage for your household?



What is your current occupation? If not currently employed, please say “Not Employed”

Customer Success Manager


If you are currently employed, do you like your job? Why or why not?

I love my job. I work fully remote independent of the pandemic and that has been a life changer. I am responsible for managing around 70-100 clients and their subscriptions for accounting software.

I have a great boss that focuses on the outcome of my work rather than the time Im on my computer. It has great benefits and base salary + commission


What is your yearly salary (or approximate yearly compensation) for your current occupation?

My salary is $72,100 with average commission and bonuses adding another $20-25k a year


Do you have a second job or side hustle? If Yes, please explain.

I had one for several years as we saved up money and paid down debt. I elected to stop this second job during the pandemic.


If you have a second job or side hustle, about how much money do you make monthly from your second job / side hustle?



Have you ever been promoted at work? Please elaborate if so.

Most of my promotions have been from jumping ship to other, better opportunities.


Have you ever negotiated your salary?

I wish I learned earlier in my career that salary was to be negotiated but have negotiated at the last two positions.


Are you debt-free?



If you are debt free, how much debt have you paid off and how long did it take you to pay it all off?



If you do have debt, what kinds of debt (i.e. credit cards, student loans, car) and how much debt do you have?

I have a car payment, mortgage and student loans. I grew up in a completely different financial situation and mindset and went into debt in my early twenties for our wedding and to supplement a low salary.

I spent three years diligently paying down student loans, a previous car loan, and credit cards to a tune of around 50K. I found the FIRE community and realized I was working too hard for too little money and started searching for jobs that allowed me to make more than a standard base amount.

I got a second job and became a YNAB zealot and crushed the debt that was crushing me. I havent been as laser focused on our current car payments or student loans these past few months as we are buying another house and expecting a baby.


Are you currently investing for retirement?



If yes, about how much do you have invested for retirement?

I have around 40K in retirement accounts- I shifted a lot of extra payments that went to credit cards to retirement contributions


What’s been your favorite purchase of 2021 so far?

We took a trip completely on credit card points to Hawaii.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self? (Doesn’t have to be money-related)

Knowledge is powerful but actions are truth. My debt was a huge blessing to my life. It led me to the FIRE community and to dig deep and find the motivation and strength to change my life.


What are your money goals, if any?

My husband received a huge promotion over the summer that increased our take home pay by almost double. We are working to pay off our existing debt and want to be work optional in 10-15 years.


What is your #1 financial concern right now?

Saving money. Once I was able to save a hefty emergency fund- I became attached to the money being in my account. We are buying another home and having a baby so that safety net needs to continue to grow


What financial victory/success are you most proud of?

Relearning the psychology of money. I felt trapped in a certain salary and that debt was an inevitable part of life in the past- now I constantly consume financial blogs, religiously track our spending in YNAB and net work in personal capital.

We have an emergency fund and a plan for our future. Everything seems a lot easier and more possible now that I understand money and my past mistakes.


What makes you imperfect?

I like to think of myself like the stock market– there are days when I dip down and look to be a free fall— but when you zoom out- I’m trending up.

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A few years after graduating college, Taylor made it her mission to become debt free. After paying off all $60k of debt, she began to blog about what she's really passionate about: personal development. Nowadays, Taylor blogs about the topics of Mindset, Money, Health, and Career for women.

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