100 Life-Changing Quotes From Jay Shetty’s Think Like A Monk


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I read Jay Shetty’s book Think Like A Monk and absolutely loved it. It’s the kind of book that I know I will keep around my home forever, because of all of its timeless wisdom. It’s also the kind of book that I recommend to my family and friends. In this post, I gathered the 100 best Jay Shetty Think Like A Monk quotes that will change your life.


Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty aspires to live a very meaningful life, and he really does just that. He is a former monk, motivational speaker, podcast host and social media superstar with countless viral videos. 

He is also an author (of course!) as he wrote the very book that we’ve drawn quotes from for the purpose of this post.


Jay Shetty’s First Book: Think Like A Monk

Think Like A Monk is Jay Shetty’s first book. In it, Shetty draws ancient wisdom from his experience as a monk and also from his own rich experiences in life. This book was a #1 NY Times Bestseller. 

The book is packed with all kinds of life advice and practical steps for things like how to combat negative thoughts, how to live in the present moment, how to make a huge impact on this earth, how to meditate and visualize, and so much more.

If you want to really take a deep look at yourself and how you are living your life, and then improve yourself, the first step you should take is to pick up Jay Shetty’s book, Think Like A Monk.

This book has all sorts of anecdotes, abstract lessons, and step-by-step guidelines that all help the reader to achieve or try specific things.


Jay Shetty


Jay Shetty’s Second Book: 8 Rules Of Love

Jay Shetty has recently written a new book, 8 Rules of Love. According to the Amazon bio, in this book, Jay Shetty “lays out specific, actionable steps to help you develop the skills to practice and nurture love better than ever before.” 

I have not yet read 8 Rules of Love, but if it’s anything like his first book was, I’m sure it shows the reader all sorts of different ways that they can pursue and maintain close relationships, ultimately bringing them true happiness.


8 Rules of Love


This post is all about 100 Amazing Jay Shetty Think Like A Monk Quotes.

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Jay Shetty Think Like A Monk Quotes

Here are some of the best quotes from Jay Shetty’s first book, Think Like A Monk.


Jay Shetty Quotes About Living Authentically

First thing is first – to live happily, you must live authentically. These Jay Shetty Think Like A Monk quotes will remind you why living authentically is so important.


1. “When we feel shame or guilt for what we’ve done in the past, it’s because those actions no longer reflect our values.”

2. “When you try to live your most authentic life, some of your relationships will be put in jeopardy. Losing them is a risk worth bearing; finding a way to keep them in your life is a challenge worth taking on.”

3. “When we tune out the opinions, expectations, and obligations of the world around us, we begin to hear ourselves.”


Jay Shetty Quotes About Positivity

Want to rid yourself of negative energy? These Jay Shetty Think Like A Monk quotes on positivity will show you how.


4. “When we criticize others, we can’t help but notice the bad in ourselves. But when we look for the good in others, we start to see the best in ourselves, too.”

5. “For every negative person in your life, have three uplifting people.”

6. “Once you realize a complainer isn’t looking for solutions, you realize you don’t have to provide them.”

7. “Don’t just spend time with the people you love – grow with them.”

8. “The more we define ourselves in relation to the people around us, the more lost we are.”

9. “What we judge or envy or suspect in someone else can guide us to the darkness we have within ourselves.”

10. “Remember, saying whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want, is not freedom. Real freedom is not feeling the need to say these things.”

11. “While thoughtlessly venting complaints makes your day worse, it’s been shown that writing in a journal about upsetting events, giving attention to your thoughts and emotions, can foster growth and healing, not only mentally, but also physically.”

12. “Mudita is the principle of taking sympathetic or unselfish joy in the good fortune of others.”

13. “So much is lost in bad communication.”

14. “When you rise above revenge, you can begin the process of forgiveness.”


jay shetty think like a monk quotes


Think Like A Monk Quotes About Fear

Fear can cause us tremendous stress. These quotes will help you appreciate fear, but also help you overcome it.


15. “Fear can help us identify and address patterns of thinking and behavior that don’t serve us.”

16. “The problem with fear is that it’s not sustainable. When we operate in fear for a long time, we can’t work to the best of our abilities.”

17. “Fear, desire, duty, and love are the roots of all intentions.”


Quotes About Happiness

Want to live a happy life? These quotes about happiness will absolutely help you get there.


18. “Happiness and fulfillment come only from mastering the mind and connecting with the soul – not from objects or attainments.”

19. “While having more money contributes to overall life satisfaction, that impact levels off at a salary of around $75,000.”

20. “We all have different goals, but we all want the same things: a life full of joy and meaning.”

21. “The more we upgrade from trying to fulfill our selfish needs to doing things out of service and love, the more we can achieve.”

22. “To live intentionally, we must dig to the deepest why behind the want.”

23. “Life is more meaningful when we define ourselves by our intentions rather than our achievements.”

24. “Failure doesn’t mean you’re worthless  – it means you must look for another route to achieving worthwhile goals.”

25. “Living intentionally means stepping back from external goals, letting go of outward definitions of success, and looking within.”


Jay Shetty Quotes About Meditation

Do you make to-do lists or have a morning routine? When was the last time that you added meditation to either one of those? Jay Shetty is big on meditation, and talks a lot about it in his book because of the many benefits that it brings. 


26. “In getting you where you want to be, meditation may show you what you don’t want to see.”

27. “When you align with your breath, you learn to align with yourself through every emotion– calming, centering, and de-stressing yourself.”


think like a monk by jay shetty


Jay Shetty Quotes About Purpose

Do you want to live out your purpose every day? So does Jay Shetty. In his book Think Like A Monk, Jay Shetty talks about how important it is to find the thing that you are good at, that you love, AND that gives back to the world.


28. “If we’re only excited when people say nice things about our work, it’s a sign that we’re not passionate about the work itself.”

29. “You can’t be anything you want. But you can be everything you are.”

30. “Passion + Expertise + Usefulness = Dharma.”

31. “The Bhagavad Gita says that it’s better to do one’s own dharma imperfectly than to do another’s perfectly.”

32. “In order to unveil our dharma, we have to identify our passions – the activities we both love and are naturally inclined to do well.”

33. “When we’re aware of our own strengths, we’re more confident, we value others’ abilities more, and we feel less competitive.”

34. “Knowing your purpose and fulfilling it is easier and more fruitful when you use your time and energy wisely every day.”


Routine Quotes From Think Like A Monk 

What are your routines like in your everyday life? To achieve real greatness in your life, routines are key.


35. “The emotion you fall asleep with tonight is most likely the emotion you’ll wake up with in the morning.”

36. “Routines root us.”

37. “Rules and routines ease our cognitive burden so we have bandwidth for creativity.”

38. “Being present is the only way to live a truly rich and full life.”

39. “The more your personal spaces are devoted to single, clear purposes, the better they will serve you.”

40. “When you identify where you thrive, focus on expanding those opportunities.”

41. “Doing something at the same time every day helps us remember to do it, commit to it, and do it with increasing skill and facility.”

42. “Location has energy.”

43. “If you do something in the same space every day, it becomes easier and natural.”

44. “When we switch tasks compulsively, it erodes our abilities to focus.”


Jay Shetty Quotes About The Mind

Your mind is so powerful. You have more control over your mind than you think you do. Jay Shetty’s quotes about mindset will motivate you to try and develop a monk mindset.


jay shetty talks about failure


45. “The Bhagavad Gita states, ‘For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy.’”

46. “The monkey mind is reactive, but the monk mind is proactive.”

47. “Don’t set yourself up to fail. A monk doesn’t spend time in a strip club.”

48. “How many of us do the same thing, year after year, hoping our lives will transform?”

49. “Thoughts repeat in our minds, reinforcing what we believe about ourselves.”

50. “It may sound silly, but the best way to overwrite the voices in your head is to start talking to them. Literally.”

51. “If your mind says, ‘You can’t do this,’ respond by saying to yourself, ‘You can do it. You have the ability. You have the time.’”

52. “Many of the frustrations we endure can be seen as blessings because they urge us to grow and develop.”

53. “It’s about observing your feelings without judging them.”

54. “When anxious thoughts arise, instead of indulging them, we respond with compassion. ‘I know you’re worried and upset, and you feel like you can’t handle this, but you are strong. You can do it.’”

55. “We say things to ourselves that we would never say to people we love.”

56. “Treat yourself with the same love and respect you want to show to others.”

57. “We all have happy memories that we enjoy revisiting and painful memories that we can’t let go.”

58. “A certain amount of planning is useful and good preparation for the various scenarios ahead, but when these thoughts tip into repetitive anxiety and worry or unrealistic aspirations, they are no longer productive.”

59. “When we talk to ourselves as we would to a loved one, just as when we observe the argument between the child mind and the adult mind, we’re creating a distance between ourselves and our own minds in order to see more clearly.”

60. “The Gita defines detachment as doing the right thing for its own sake, because it needs to be done, without worrying about success or failure.”

61. “Only by detaching can we truly gain control of the mind.”

62. “Instead of reactively doing what we want, we proactively evaluate the situation and do what is right.”

63. “Disconnect from the ideas that limit you, open your mind to new possibilities, and, like a soldier training for battle, you will find that your intellect gets stronger.”

64. “Though life remains imperfect, you accept it as it is and see a clear path ahead.”

65. “The good news is that the more practice you have at tuning into your mind, the less effort it takes.”

66. “If we work every day to cleanse our thoughts, gently redirecting the ones that don’t serve us, then our minds are pure and calm, ready for growth. We can deal with new challenges before they multiply and become unmanageable.”


Jay Shetty talking about the mind


Quotes About Ego From Think Like A Monk

The worst thing you can do when your ego pops up is let it control your life. We all have egos, but according to Jay Shetty, it’s very important that we keep our egos in check.


67. “Our ego is often what holds us back from true knowledge, steering the mind toward impulse and impression.”

68. “When we are humble, we are open to learning because we understand how much we don’t know.”

69. “An unchecked ego harms us.”

70. “The arrogant ego desires respect, whereas the humble worker inspires respect.”

71. “If we aren’t open-minded, we deny ourselves opportunities to learn, grow, and change.”

72. “If you don’t break your ego, life will break it for you.”

73. “By focusing on the bad we’ve done to others, our egos are forced to remember our imperfections and regrets.”

74. “Remembering your mistakes and forgetting your achievements restrains the ego and increases gratitude.”

75. “What belongs to you today, belonged to someone yesterday and will be someone else’s tomorrow.”

76. “Humility comes from accepting where you are without seeing it as a reflection of who you are.”

77. “Humility allows you to see your own strengths and weaknesses clearly, so you can work, learn, and grow.”

78. “Confidence and high self-esteem help you accept yourself as you are, humble, imperfect, and striving.”

79. “The ego wants everyone to like you. High self-esteem is just fine if they don’t.”

80. “Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we cleanse our minds and look to improve ourselves.”

81. “Instead of wanting to prove ourselves, we want to be ourselves, meaning we aren’t distracted by external wants.”

82. “Confidence means deciding who you want to be without the reflection of what other people think, but it also means being inspired and led by others to become your best self.”

83. “When you ask for feedback, choose your advisors wisely.”

84. “Some of the most useful feedback is unsolicited, even unintentional.”

85. “You are not your success or your failure.”

86. “You shouldn’t feel small compared to others, but you should feel small compared to your goals.”

87. “No matter what we achieve, we can aspire to greater scale and depth.”

88. “The moment you feel like you have arrived, you’re starting the journey again.”

89. “No matter how much you help others, feel no pride because there’s so much more to be done.”

90. “The most powerful, admirable, captivating quality in any human is seen when they’ve achieved great things, but still embrace humility and their own insignificance.”


Talking about ego with jay shetty


Jay Shetty Quotes On Gratitude

Studies show that human beings benefit greatly from practicing gratitude. If you want to develop a new habit or a new skill, practicing gratitude is a great one to start with.


91. “When you start your day with gratitude, you’ll be open to opportunities, not obstacles.”

92. “When you’re present in gratitude, you can’t be anywhere else.”

93. “Studies show that grateful people not only feel healthier, they’re also more likely to take part in healthy activities and seek care when they’re ill.”

94. “Allow the journey of life to progress at its own pace and in its own roundabout way.”

95. “When something doesn’t go your way, say to yourself, ‘There’s more for me out there.’”

96. “Kindness – and the gratitude that follows – has a ripple effect.”

97. “Service broadens your perspective and alleviates negative emotions.”


New year motivation


Jay Shetty Quotes On Relationships

Relationships can sometimes feel like hard work, but that’s because we know how important they are. Jay Shetty spends a lot of time talking about relationships and the impact that they have on our lives.


98. “Too often we love people who don’t love us, but we fail to return the love of others who do.”

99. “We tend to expect every person to be a complete package, giving us everything we need. This is setting the bar impossibly high.”

100. “Trust is central to every relationship.”


Want to learn more about Jay Shetty? Listen to his podcast.

I love Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, and he has had and continues to have amazing guests like Selena Gomez, Kobe Bryant, Mel Robbins, and so many more.

No topic is off limits for Jay Shetty’s podcast, and he is really a great interviewer. I also find him to be incredibly vulnerable and open in them as well — I think that’s why the podcast is so good!


This post was all about 100 Amazing Jay Shetty Think Like A Monk quotes. 


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