11 Self Love Organizations That Empower Women & Girls


This post is all about self love organizations for women and girls.

Self love organizations that empower women and girls.


It’s always been important for women and girls to feel empowered. 

Now more than ever, self love organizations are popping up to help women and girls love themselves more, feel stronger (both mentally and physically) and be confident enough to go after the lives that they want to lead.

Through my research, I have found 11 amazing and incredible self love organizations for women and girls.

Each of these organizations offers valuable tools and tips through their websites, social media, or even in-person that help women and girls across the world build healthy self-esteem and foster self-love.

Check out this list of self love organizations and let me know which ones you are interested in learning more about!


Self Love Organizations That Empower Women & Girls


Self-Love Organizations For Women

Here are some amazing self love organizations for women.


1. The Self Love Organization

When researching self love organizations, The Self Love Organization was the first one to pop up.

According to their website, The Self Love Organization is a digital wellness community, self love, and therapy club for black women.

Created by Denise Francis (@livenaturallylove on Instagram), The Self Love Organization offers a therapy journal, international retreats, and much, much more. 

Check out their beautiful Instagram to learn more about them!


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2. The Body Positive

The Body Positive is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to “end the harmful consequences of negative body image: eating disorders, depression, anxiety, cutting, suicide, substance abuse, and relationship violence.”

The Body Positive is committed to helping all ages, and they offer various resources that help people foster self-love and a positive body image.

The Body Positive developed their own model (Be Body Positive Model) that consists of “5 competencies” that “allow people to develop self-care behaviors that originate from a place of self-love and appreciation instead of from fear”.

You can learn about the Be Body Positive model in their fundamentals course, or you can be trained online to offer their Body Positive teachings to classes, groups, etc.

To learn more about Be Body Positive and their important work, visit their website or Instagram.


3. Self Love Beauty

Self Love Beauty started out as a blog and quickly became a non-profit in Michigan, United States, helping thousands of women and girls.

Self Love Beauty focuses on the following values: self-love, confidence, health, empowerment, community, and inclusion.

Self Love Beauty has many offerings and events, like their father & daughter events that promote confidence-building with male mentors and their yearly Affirmation Day which spreads positive affirmations all over the world.

You can learn more about Self Love Beauty and how it can help you on your self-love and confidence journey on their website or Instagram.


4. The Loveland Foundation

Inspired by her birthday wish fundraiser “Therapy For Black Women And Girls” which raised over $250,000, Rachel Cargle started a foundation for black girls and women of all ages called The Loveland Foundation in 2018.

Per their website, The Loveland Foundation offers fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more to bring healing to Black women and girls.

To learn more about The Loveland Foundation, you can visit their beautiful web site or highly active and valuable Instagram.


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5. National Association For Self Esteem

According to their website, the National Association For Self Esteem’s mission is “to fully integrate Self Esteem into the fabric of American society so that every individual, no matter what their age or background, experiences personal worth and happiness.”

I love this mission because I think more often than not, we all struggle with low self-esteem from time to time, and we could really use effective tools that help us strengthen it.

The National Association For Self Esteem’s website has so many resources that can better help you know what self esteem is, and they also have a self esteem self-guided tour that helps you rate your self esteem.


6. I Am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

The “beautiful” part of “I Am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.” stands for Brave, Energetic, Assertive, Unique, Tenacious, Important, Fabulous, Unequaled, Loved.

This inclusive non-profit has served over 13,000 girls and women to increase their self esteem and help them along their confidence journey.

Check out their Instagram to see various interviews with inspiring women and all of their upcoming events.


Girls sitting together hugging and happy.


Self Love Organizations For Girls

Here are various self love organizations just for girls.


1. Love Yourself Foundation

According to their website, the Love Yourself Foundation is a “501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization created to empower girls through the education of self-love” across all five boroughs of New York City.

With a focus on healing after the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Love Yourself Foundation offers various community programs that help young girls develop skills for practicing self-love, working out, meditating, and more.

To learn more about the Love Yourself Foundation and how it can help you along your journey of self-love, you can visit their website.


2. She’s the First

According to their website, “She’s the First” “teams up with grassroots organizations to make sure girls everywhere are educated, respected, and heard.”

“She’s the First” helps over 40,000 girls yearly with their trainings and programs. They also have over 375 practitioners who have completed their trainings, and have impacted girls in more than 40 countries.

To learn more about She’s the First, visit their website or (amazing!!) Instagram


Young girls in a circle hugging.


3. Girls On The Run

Girls On The Run is actually something that I participated in myself when I was in elementary school, and I loved it so much.

Girls On The Run is a non-profit and supportive community that works to empower young girls in elementary and middle school. Girls On The Run helps girls learn more about themselves, become more independent, and find inner strength through physical activity.

At the end of every season, there is a non-competitive 5k run. I remember loving this!

To learn more about Girls On The Run, visit their website.


4. Girls Leadership

Girls Leadership focuses on helping girls aged K-12 to exercise the power of their voice.

According to their website, Girls Leadership provides “programs for girls, workshops for families, and professional development training for teachers, guidance counselors, and non-profit staff.”

Girls Leadership has so many upcoming events and resources on their website and on their awesome Instagram.


5. Girls Empowerment Network

The Girls Empowerment Network’s mission is to “ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their ability to be unstoppable.”

This non profit organization was started by 12 mothers in Austin, Texas, who saw a need for helping to build self esteem in young women.

The Girls Empowerment Network offers summer camps, conferences, projects, and activities, with a ton of information on their website and Instagram.


This post is all about self love organizations for women and girls.


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