125 Positive And Motivational Workout Affirmations

This post is all about 125 Positive And Motivational Workout Affirmations.

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Are you starting a new workout routine? Joining a new gym? Trying a new exercise class? Looking for some encouragement?

Whatever you need, these workout affirmations will help you get the confidence, motivation, and positivity that you are looking for.


What are positive affirmations for workouts?

Positive affirmations for workouts are affirmations that can help you gain confidence or simply just believe in yourself a little more when it comes to tackling your workouts or trying something new in the gym.

The point of workout affirmations is to help you replace negative thoughts that you might be having during your workouts with some more positive thoughts.

Affirmations are typically one-sentence statements that you say to yourself, usually in the first-person and in the present tense.

You can make ones up that really resonate with you, or you can look through a blog post like this one to find ones that you like.

When you find one or a few workout affirmations that you feel aligned with, you can start using them.

To use affirmations, you can say them out loud, say them in your head, write them in your journal, write them on a little sticky note that you place on our bathroom mirror, or write them in your notes app on your phone — wherever you can see them every day.

These are just some ideas!

It does not matter how you use your affirmations, just that they make you feel better or more confident when you use them.


Is it better to say affirmations out loud or in your head?

According to Psychologist Lauren Alexander, PHD, and Cleveland Clinic, while either way will work, “sometimes hearing things out loud is more impactful than saying them in your mind.” 

With that said, try saying them out loud at first and see how this feels. If you like it, and you feel like it’s helping you replace your negative thoughts, then keep doing it.

If not, you can always switch to saying your workout affirmations in your head or writing them down. Everyone is different – you just have to try a few different methods before you find what works for you.


How long does it take for affirmations to work?

It may take a little while for you to see and feel change in the beliefs that you have about yourself. According to Healthline, you should plan on practicing your affirmations for at least 30 days.

Here are some tips from Healthline to help you implement your affirmations into your daily routine:


  • Repeat each affirmation about 10 times – If you have one workout affirmation that you like, repeat it 10 times. If you have a few other affirmations that you like to say, say those ones each 10 times as well.
  • Make your routine consistent – make sure that however you are practicing your affirmations, that you do it in the same way every day.
  • Be patient – affirmations aren’t magic. Like with anything we want to improve with ourselves, change takes time!


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Workout Affirmations

The following affirmations will motivate you to get to the gym, try exercises that are new to you, and make you feel more confident on your workout journey.


1. Even though my workout may be tough, I know it is a challenge that is going to make me a stronger person both mentally and physically.

2. I am willing to try new things in the gym.

3. When negativity creeps in during my workout, I will strive to have positive thoughts.

4. I am so proud of myself for getting to the gym and working toward my fitness goals.

5. My workout session is my therapy and I am so grateful for it.

6. My fitness journey is something I am so proud of.

7. It doesn’t matter how slowly I go, as long as I do not stop.

8. I strive to live a healthy lifestyle.

9. Negative thoughts are natural, but I do my best to replace them with positivity.

10. I am so proud of myself for developing an exercise routine that works for me.

11. I am so proud of myself for being consistent on my workout journey.

12. I’m not afraid of trying new exercises.

13. Motivation comes and goes which is why I am working on my self-discipline.

14. I am a confident, strong woman.

15. I can do anything I put my mind to.

16. Even when things feel uncomfortable in the gym, I’m so proud of myself for at least trying something new.

17. I am so proud of myself for getting to the gym today.

18. I will fake it until I make it.

19. I never knew I could come this far and I am so proud of myself for not giving up.


Daily Affirmations For Exercise

These affirmations will remind you why you exercise in the first place: to take care of your body and mind.


20. I put in hard work because it makes me feel good about myself.

21. My gym sessions are one of the things that helps me decompress and relax.

22. I am becoming the best version of myself.

23. I aspire to be in good health for the rest of my life, and going to the gym helps me do that.

24. Exercise is such a powerful tool for building confidence in myself.

25. I always bring a positive attitude to the gym and to my workouts.

26. My mental state always improves after a good workout.

27. I am grateful to be able to work on myself when I show up to the gym. 

28. Physical fitness is so important to me.

29. My mental and physical health are so much better thanks to my consistent workout routine.

30. I go to the gym to take care of myself.

31. I go to the gym because I prioritize my health.

32. If I ever feel nervous before going to the gym, I will take a deep breath and remember why I want to go in the first place – to take care of my health.

33. Working out at the gym is my “me time”.

34. I love challenging myself mentally and physically at the gym.

35. I am so proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and trying new exercises at the gym.

36. I make sure to take rest days so that I don’t overdo it at the gym.

37. Just like I go to therapy to take care of my mental health, I go to the gym to take care of my physical health.

38. I show up to the gym even on days I don’t feel like it because I know how good it is for me.


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Positive Statements About Working Out

These positive statements about working out will help you maintain a positive attitude when it comes to working out. Working out isn’t always easy or fun, but these workout affirmations will help you stay positive.


39. I am not the kind of person that gives up.

40. I set big goals for myself because I want to see what I am capable of.

41. I know that by showing up every week, I will make progress over time.

42. I aim for progress, not perfection.

43. I maintain a positive attitude because the gym is my happy place.

44. On the days I don’t feel like going to the gym but I show up anyway, I am so proud of myself. 

45. It’s not always easy to get to the gym, but I know it is worth it.

46. I go to the gym because I value myself and want to take care of myself.

47. For me, there’s no such thing as a bad workout.

48. I try my best, no matter what kind of exercise I am doing.

49. There is no such thing as failing unless I give up entirely.

50. I no longer doubt myself because it’s clear how far I’ve already come.

51. I don’t care what other people at the gym think of me – I’m here for me, myself, and I.

52. Listening to music at the gym is one of my favorite things in the world.

53. I love working on myself inside and outside of the gym.

54. I value personal development and going to the gym is one of the ways that I better myself.

55. I absolutely love working out and taking care of my body.

56. I don’t have to have everything all figured out. I just need to start, take small steps, and do my best.


Positive Affirmations For Trying Something New At The Gym

Are you going to the gym for the first time? Or trying a new exercise or class? Then these affirmations will give you the confidence boost that you need!


57. I love challenging myself in new ways at the gym.

58. No matter what, I will always try new things at the gym.

59. I might be nervous to go to the gym for the first time, but I know I can do this.

60. I know that getting out of my comfort zone is so good for me.

61. I am so proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone.

62. I am so excited to challenge my body in new ways.

63. I feel a little uncomfortable doing something new, but I know this is helping me grow as a person.

64. I will give myself grace since this is my first time doing this exercise.

65. I do not need to be perfect when I do this new exercise because it is new to me.

66. I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable whenever I go to the gym.

67. I don’t try to be something I’m not – I just show up and do my best.

68. I am surrounded by people who want to see me succeed.

69. I love pushing myself, but I know that it’s also okay to take it slow.

70. I will get better at things over time.

71. I don’t expect myself to be an expert at something my very first time trying it.

72. I am patient with myself, and at the end of the day I am proud of myself.

73. I can’t wait to challenge my mind and body in new ways!

74. Trying new things is how I figure out what I really love to do at the gym.

75. If I end up not liking something at the gym, I’m proud of myself for trying it any way.


Words Of Encouragement For Running Exercises

If running is what you like to do to exercise, these words of encouragement for running will give you the motivation that you need to get started and keep going.


76. Running always makes me feel free.

77. I love when I get a runner’s high – that’s the reason I love running so much.

78. If negative self talk starts creeping in my mind during my run, I will replace those thoughts with a more positive outlook.

79. I can do anything that I put my mind to.

80. I am so proud of myself for starting a healthy running practice.

81. My running routine brings me so much joy.

82. When my run gets tough, I will practice positive self-talk.

83. I know I am capable of so much.

84. After my run, I will be sure to give my body enough recovery time.

85. I am building a strong body through my running routine.

86. My endurance is improving with every step I take.

87. Running is so good for my heart health.

88. I am getting into the best shape of my life.

89. I am so proud of the active lifestyle that I am building.

90. I have come such a long way on my running journey.

91. Running helps me have a strong body and a strong mind.

92. I always knew I could become a runner if I just believed in myself.

93. I don’t have to run fast, I just have to do my best.


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Positive Fitness Affirmations For Lifting Exercises

Is lifting something that you love to do at the gym? These affirmations for lifting exercises will remind you just how beneficial for your health (and fun!) lifting can be. P.S. Check out these leg day motivation quotes for some motivation.


94. Lifting weights has made me stronger than I ever thought possible.

95. My inner dialogue is so much more positive ever since I started lifting weights.

96. I am getting stronger with each and every workout.

97. Lifting weights is such an effective way for me to improve my self-esteem.

98. My mental health and my physical health are constantly improving the more I lift weights.

99. I am building a stronger body each and every day that I show up to the gym.

100. Weight lifting helps me believe in myself.

101. I am so proud of myself for constantly getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to weightlifting.

102. The more I work on myself in the weight room, the better I feel.

103. I am capable of lifting this weight.

104. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me, only what I think of myself.

105. Today I will be brave and try a new machine in the weight room.

106. I’m so proud of myself for pushing myself in the weight room.

107. It feels great to be working hard to build lean muscle.


Post – Workout Affirmations

Here are some great post-workout affirmations for after your workouts.


108. I am so proud of myself for showing up today.

109. I could’ve skipped the gym today, but I stayed disciplined.

110. I always feel so good after a workout.

111. Completing a workout always gives me a great confidence boost.

112. No matter how many times I complete a workout, I always feel great afterward.

113. If I want to turn my day around, all I have to do is go to the gym.

114. Another workout, another step toward the person that I want to become.

115. After my workouts, I always feel accomplished.

116. Being consistent always makes me feel great about myself.

117. I’m so proud of myself for staying consistent with my goals.

118. I’m so proud that I took care of my body today.

119. Showing up isn’t always easy, but today I did it.

120. Showing up to the gym is a great reminder that I can do hard things.

121. If it was easy, anyone could do it.

122. I am so proud of myself for doing consistent physical exercise to the best of my ability.

123. I am so proud of myself for implementing a health practice into my life.

124. Physical activity is key to a healthy mind and body.

125. My small changes over time are leading to big results.


This post was all about 125 Positive And Motivational Workout Affirmations.


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