200 Positive Friday Affirmations To Close Out Your Week


This post is all about 200 Positive Friday Affirmations To Close Out Your Week.

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Friday is one of the best days of the week! It marks the end of the work week or school week for many of us, and hopefully also marks the start to a great weekend. And you know what makes it even better? Friday affirmations.

To ensure that you practice gratitude for the week you just had AND get ready for a beautiful weekend ahead, implementing Friday affirmations is key.

Affirmations can help you put your worries aside and move forward. They can also help you feel better in general. 


What exactly is an affirmation?

According to TheGoodBody.com, an affirmation is “a positive statement that you can use to help banish negative thoughts and achieve your goals. Research shows that by reciting it regularly, you start believing it and put the words into action.”

If you are struggling in particular with something, you can develop an affirmation around it to help you feel better. For example, let’s say someone said something negative about you and you can’t stop thinking about it.

Instead of believing that person’s words to be true, you can start saying an affirmation to yourself like “no one else gets to define me. I define me”, to remind yourself that the opinions of others mean far less than the opinion you have of yourself.


How many affirmations should I say a day?

You can say one affirmation to yourself each day, or many.

It’s easier to focus on just one affirmation, and repeating it to yourself over and over. But if you have 2 or 3 (or more than that) that really resonate with you and that help you, use them.

You can have as many affirmations that you say each day as you want. It’s all about finding the affirmation practice that works for you.

We are all different and have different struggles and desires, so our affirmation practices will be different, too.


Is it better to say affirmations out loud?

There is no one “right” way to do affirmations.

You can say your affirmations out loud to yourself or in your head. You can also write them down in your journal each night or write them down on a sticky note that you place on your bathroom mirror.

If you prefer to say your affirmations out loud, then do that! But if you prefer to write them down or say them quietly to yourself, that works, too.


Positive Affirmations For A Good Friday

Use these positive affirmations to ensure that you have a great Friday!


Positive Friday Affirmations

Welcome to the weekend. Here are some amazing positive Friday affirmations to kick off the end of the week.


1. Today I will have a positive mindset.

2. Today is going to be the best day.

3. I am so excited for the end of the week.

4. I am so thankful for the week behind me.

5. I am looking forward to this weekend.

6. I worked hard all week and now it’s time to relax.

7. Today will be a great Friday.

8. Today will be one of the best Fridays I’ve ever had.

9. Today is a new day and good things are on their way to me.

10. I will end this week on a positive note.

11. Today I will have a positive outlook.

12. Good things always come my way on Fridays.

13. I’m so thankful for the end of the work week.

14. Each new day brings new opportunities.

15. I will end the week strong.

16. I will make sure that I relax this weekend.

17. I will finish my work and then reward myself.

18. Fridays are always fun days.

19. I will bring joy to everyone I meet today.

20. Positive things will happen today.

21. I’m always in a good mood on Fridays.

22. I have a beautiful life and it’s even better now that it’s Friday.

23. Today will be a wonderful day.

24. Today I will be as present as possible.

25. Today I will be sure to enjoy the present moment.

26. I will move slowly today, and take it all in.

27. I’ve waited my whole week for Friday, so I will make the best of it.

28. Today I will try new things.

29. Today will end on a positive note, no matter what.

30. I have a huge sense of gratitude for this day.

31. I am absolutely worthy of a wonderful life.

32. Today will be a pleasant sunny day.

33. No matter the weather, today is going to be a great Friday.

34. I am an unstoppable warrior and nothing can get in my way of having a beautiful Friday.

35. I always have thoughts of new possibilities on Fridays.

36. Today I will move my body and eat nutritious foods.

37. I will end this week on a high note.

38. I will be proud of everything that I accomplished this week.

39. I love Fridays and can’t wait for the true fun to finally begin!

40. Fridays are my favorite day of the week.

41. I look forward to Fridays and I am so grateful that one comes every 7 days!

42. Negative emotions cannot stop me from having a beautiful Friday.

43. Everyone sometimes experiences negative emotions on Fridays, so I know that I am not alone if it happens to me.

44. This Friday, I will watch Netflix and relax.

45. I am going to read the book that I love that helps me relax.

46. I do not need to go out and party this Friday.

47. If I choose to stay out late or go to a party, I will not feel any shame around it.

48. I can do whatever I want on this Friday, but I try my best to make good choices.

49. I will not experience FOMO this Friday, because no matter where I am, I know it will be a great day.

50. Today is a new day and new opportunities are on the horizon for me.


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Affirmations To End The Week On A Positive Note

Use these affirmations to ensure that you end your week in the best way possible!


51. I am beyond grateful for Friday.

52. I am going to end this week on a positive note.

53. I welcome the positive changes that the end of this week will bring me.

54. The most important thing is that I stay grateful for the week behind me.

55. I will end this week with a positive attitude.

56. I will do my best to carry a positive attitude with me each day, no matter what I face.

57. Hard work always pays off, especially at the end of a week.

58. I will not blame others for the personal issues that I am going through.

59. I know I am moving in the right direction.

60. I do my best to not have a negative lens when I look back on my week.

61. I am grateful that I took care of my physical health this week.

62. My physical health is so important to me.

63. I do the very best that I can when it comes to taking care of my physical health.

64. No matter what, I know I am on the right track.

65. Every move I made this week ensures I continue on the right track in life.

66. This was a long week, but I am grateful nonetheless.

67. It doesn’t matter if my week felt long, I know I am moving in the right direction.

68. This week I always tried to do the right thing.

69. I am grateful for my great job.

70. I feel as though I did a great job this week.

71. Every week, I always do my best.

72. It’s important to me that I always give my best effort and do the best that I can do.

73. Arduous tasks came my way this week, but I persevered anyway and I am proud of myself for that.

74. I am now winding down from work mode and into relaxation mode.

75. I am a positive-minded person.


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76. I will always end my weeks on the most positive note.

77. I will always tie up loose ends before the end of the week.

78. Fridays always help me wrap up my week nicely.

79. I will be sure to enjoy my weekend.

80. Life’s too short to work all the time – this weekend I will be sure to relax.

81. Positivity is contagious.

82. If someone is negative toward me, I do not have to be negative back.

83. I always work to have the best possible mindset.

84. It is hard to be positive, but it is worth it.

85. I will not let negativity consume me today.

86. Even if my plans are ruined, I will find a way to enjoy the day.

87. I am so thankful for my positive mindset.

88. Positivity always pulls me through.

89. Even when days don’t go as planned, I still find a way to end it on a positive note.

90. Being grateful helps me stay positive.

91. At the end of each day, I state what I am grateful for.

92. At the end of each week, I count my blessings.

93. I always have so much to be grateful for at the end of a long week.

94. Gratitude helps me remember just how fortunate and lucky I am to have lived another week.

95. I surround myself with positive people.

96. I surround myself with people who inspire me to chase my dreams and be more positive.

97. If I don’t like how something is going in my life, I make moves to change it.

98. I am always making positive changes in my life.

99. I take great care of myself, and always try to end the week on the best note.

100. I am always grateful and positive when another week comes to an end.


100 Positive Friday Affirmations Free Printable.


Affirmations For A Great Weekend

You’ve had a great week and now it’s Friday. These affirmations are great for helping you now have a great weekend, too.


101. This upcoming weekend will be the greatest weekend of my life.

102. If negative thoughts come my way, I will let them go.

103. It’s already a great day and I know it’ll be an even better weekend.

104. Good things will happen this weekend.

105. I will have a positive mindset this entire weekend, no matter what comes my way.

106. Negative emotions are normal, but they are temporary.

107. Each weekend is a new opportunity for fun, joy, and laughter.

108. I’ve been waiting for this weekend the whole week.

109. I will end this weekend on the most positive note.

110. Nothing can stop this weekend from being incredible.

111. No matter what happens, I am grateful for this weekend.

112. I will be as present as possible this entire weekend.

113. I will spend my weekend with the people that matter to me most.

114. I have an immense sense of gratitude for this weekend.

115. I am worthy of a wonderful weekend.

116. I will spend this weekend with great friends.

117. This weekend, I will turn off work mode.

118. I always spend quality time with the people who matter most to me on the weekends.

119. Having a great weekend will set me up for a great week ahead.

120. When I have a great weekend, I can roll into a new week with a fresh mindset.

121. It is important to me to prioritize rest.

122. The better I rest this weekend, the stronger I will be when the new week comes.

123. This weekend will be one of the best weekends of my life.

124. I will treat my body well this weekend.

125. I will not experience FOMO this weekend because I will do exactly what I want to do.


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126. I am grateful that I have friends that I love to spend time with on the weekends.

127. I can’t wait to slowly sip and enjoy my coffee this weekend.

128. This weekend I will try something new.

129. This weekend I will hang out with a new friend.

130. This weekend I will get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

131. This weekend I will go somewhere I have never been before.

132. Weekends are the absolute best and I love them!

133. I always cherish weekend days.

134. I use my weekend time wisely.

135. I always use my weekends to do the things that make my heart happy.

136. I use my weekends to do the things that truly bring my joy.

137. I am intentional about how I spend my weekend time because I know that it goes by fast.

138. Even when my weekends go by fast, I do all that I can to enjoy them.

139. This weekend I will take my time.

140. This weekend I will practice one new thing or hobby that I am interested in.

141. This weekend I will spend quality time with the people that mean the most to me.

142. This weekend, I will practice saying positive statements to myself.

143. This weekend, I will show up as my best self.

144. This weekend, I will practice being the best version of me.

145. This weekend, I will make an investment in my health.

146. I spend my weekends wisely and cherish every second of them.

147. There are countless things to look forward to on the weekend.

148. I am beyond grateful for even the simplest of weekends.

149. Even if I have no plans at all, I will have a fantastic weekend.

150. I lower my expectations for the weekend, and they always turn out wonderful.


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Affirmations For A Sense Of Gratitude on Friday

We’ve been blessed with another week! Here are affirmations that’ll help you express gratitude for your life.


151. On Friday, and every day, I have a grateful heart.

152. I am so grateful for the week behind me and all that’s to come in the future.

153. I am grateful it is Friday.

154. I am looking forward to this weekend.

155. I will embrace today and take things slow.

156. No matter what happens today, I am grateful for another day.

157. When I wake up on Fridays, and every day, I am so grateful for the gift of another day.

158. I am grateful for Friday night so that I can relax and have the whole weekend ahead of me.

159. I am grateful for the positive thoughts that I have that conquer the negative thoughts.

160. Friday night is a great way to unwind from the week, and for that I am grateful.

161. I am grateful for the good things that have come my way this Friday.

162. I am grateful for the great things that have come my way this week.

163. Looking back, I am so grateful for the week that I just had.

164. Gratitude always overwhelms me on Fridays, in the best way.

165. By practicing gratitude on Fridays, I am reminded of just how wonderful my week really was.

166. Gratitude helps remind me of every little joy that the week brought me.

167. Even when my week has felt so tough, there are always so many things to be grateful for.

168. I know that everything is temporary, and to truly cherish them, I make sure to practice gratitude for them.

169. Even when things don’t seem that great, I try to find at least one thing about it to be grateful for.

170. Every Friday, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have a weekend right around the corner.

171. I always try to express gratitude for the weekend by wrapping up the work week on a strong note.

172. Even when I have a bad week, I can always find something to be grateful for.

173. Sometimes being grateful is a challenge, but it helps me have hope on even my toughest of days.


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Powerful Friday Affirmations

Here are more powerful Friday affirmations to help you have an awesome day and awesome weekend ahead.


174. I did my very best this week.

175. I am so proud of myself for always giving it my all.

176. Obstacles came my way this week, but I overcame them.

177. I do my best to take care of my physical and mental health throughout the week.

178. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come this week.

179. I am on track for my goals and that feels so good.

180. If I feel like I fall off track, I will reset.

181. I will not beat myself up if things don’t go my way.

182. I can only fail if I stop trying or give up entirely.

183. I won’t let failure be an option this week.

184. I always go for my dreams, even if they scare me.

185. Each week is a new opportunity to meet my goals.

186. I have high standards for myself but I also know that rest is key each week.

187. This weekend I will celebrate my accomplishments.

188. I won’t let negative feelings consume me this week.

189. This week, I will find new ways of doing old things.

190. Every day is a fun day if I decide it is going to be.

191. The significance of Fridays always weighs heavy on my heart – I am always so thankful for them!

192. Today I appreciate all of my good qualities while also knowing that I am a work in progress.

193. In any given situation, I will do my best on this Friday.

194. If a difficult process causes me trouble, I will do my best to work through it.

195. I strive to do things the right way, even if they take a little longer.

196. Each new week is a chance to improve upon my bad habits.

197. I always end the week on a good note.

198. I always have a positive feeling on Fridays.

199. Good friends make Fridays even better.

200. Having a great weekend always helps me start the new week off on the right foot.


Which affirmations do you like the best? Always remember that you can tweak affirmations to better suit you, if you’d like. And you can always make up your own!


I hope these Friday affirmations help you have the best possible Friday. Be sure to use these affirmations whenever you need to, and I hope you have a great day and a great weekend ahead!


This post was all about 200 Friday affirmations to help you have a great Friday.


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