2 Awesome Podcasts for Money Motivation

If you have a financial goal and want to accomplish it (whether that be saving for a big purchase, paying off your debt, or retiring early) there are countless podcasts out there that’ll keep you motivated and help you reach your goal faster, all while being fun, interesting and entertaining.

Here are 2 podcasts for money motivation if you’re determined to meet your financial goals:


1. BiggerPockets Money Podcast

The BiggerPockets Money Podcast is hosted by friends Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench. Scott is the CEO of BiggerPockets, an online network for real estate investors, and Mindy is a real estate investor herself. Not interested in real estate?

No worries, it’s not so much about real estate as it is about personal finance. This is evident in each episode, as each one features a couple that has worked their way out of debt, or a personal finance expert discussing how you can attain financial freedom.

Each guest on the show offers advice and tips on how they were able to get and remain debt free, and how they plan to take their financial lives to the next level.

BiggerPockets Money podcasts run about an hour long on average and a new one is posted every week or so.

An episode I recommend: “FinCon Bonus Episode: Debt Free in Three Years with Zina Kumok” – This girl took on about 25k of student loans while making 25k a year, and was able to pay off her student loans in 3 years. She made paying off her student loans a priority, and didn’t let her salary inhibit her. Her determination and desire to pay off her loans is motivating, and she provides practical advice and help for anyone trying to pay down their student loans.


2. The His and Her Money Show

The His and Her Money Show is a podcast hosted by Talaat and Tai McNeely, also known as “America’s #1 Money Couple”.

These two often interview people who had massive debt and found their way out of it. If you have student loans, a car loan, credit card debt or any other kind of consumer debt and you’re wondering how you’ll ever pay it all off, this podcast offers inspiring, everyday people just like you and I who were able to pay it all off, and they’ll tell you exactly how they did it.

The His and Her Money Show lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, and a new podcast is posted every week or so.

An episode I recommend: “How Ashley Paid Off All Of Her Student Loans in 13 Months” – Ashley is a young college grad who realized she wanted to live a debt free life in her teens! However, in order to pay for college, she needed to take out student loans.

Her passion for debt freedom ultimately led her to work through college to pay off her student loans, and she was able to eliminate her debt just 13 months after graduating. Anyone with student loans can relate to her story in some way, and anyone can do what she did to get out of debt.

The amount of applicable life and money advice I’ve gained from these podcasts has encouraged me to continue pressing forward on the path toward debt freedom. Every episode from these two podcasts offers at least one solid piece of advice that I can apply and have applied to my own debt free journey, and I’m sure the same would hold true for you.

So, give one of these podcasts a chance on your way to work or as you get ready for the day – I promise you’ll walk away with a little more motivation, inspiration or an idea on how you can eliminate your debt faster.


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