130 Positive Relationship Affirmations That Work Fast

This post is all about positive relationship affirmations that work fast.

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The other day, my partner David and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We met when we were in high school, though we didn’t really know each other then.

We reconnected through mutual friends about 7 years later, and we’ve been together ever since!

I like to think that at this point, we have a pretty strong relationship. We make each other better people, we love each other dearly, and we love to talk about our future dreams and goals.

Before David, though, I was single for 5 years. So I know what it’s like to be a 20-something who wants so badly to find their person.

Having been on both sides of the coin, I can tell you that I wish I had these affirmations back in the day, or even just 5 years ago when David and I first started dating!

These affirmations would’ve helped me stay patient in my search for love and would’ve helped me focus on the kind of relationship I wanted when I was single.

If you are someone who is patiently waiting for love, or you’re in a relationship that you hope stands the test of time, these relationship affirmations can help you.


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What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that are short sentences, typically said in the first person and starting with the word “I”.

For example, “I am enough” is a great and very popular affirmation.

The idea behind affirmations is that if you practice repeating them enough to yourself (whether you say them in your head, out loud, write them down, etc.) that your subconscious mind will slowly start to believe it as fact.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t feel “enough”, for example, saying the affirmation “I am enough” can eventually help you remember that you are in fact enough. 

Affirmations are intentional reminders that serve to help you have more positive thoughts. So, if you are someone who really wants to have a strong relationship, for example, affirmations can help you focus on what makes a strong relationship.

And over time, you can start to see those affirmations manifest in your own life.


Do affirmations work for relationships?

Yes, affirmations work for relationships. Affirmations can work in any setting if used and practiced consistently.

So, if you are someone who is looking for love, or you just want your relationship to be even stronger or last for a very long time, saying affirmations can absolutely help ensure that your dreams for love become a reality. 


How do you attract a good partner?

In my experience, if you want to attract a good partner, you first have to define what a “good partner” means to you.

To me, a “good partner” is someone who makes me a better person, respects me, someone who is trustworthy, and someone who shares my values. 

These things have always been non-negotiables for me. 

So now, think about what a “good partner” means to you.

I believe that the more clearly you can envision your future partner, and the kind of person that you hope they’d be like, the more you are naturally manifesting them.

Not to get too woo-woo on ya, but I believe that the universe wants to give you the person that you are looking for. After all, there is that famous law of attraction saying by Rumi: “what you are seeking is seeking you”!


Positive Relationship Affirmations


Affirmations For A Strong Relationship

What are strong affirmations for a relationship? Having a strong relationship means that you and your partner have each other’s back, you believe in each other, and you support each other. 

Building a strong relationship takes time, but with a few affirmations like these, you can start to build the mindset of someone who has a strong relationship, and naturally, your actions will follow suit.


1. My partner and I trust each other.

2. My partner and I are better together.

3. I am worthy of a strong relationship.

4. I have deep respect for my partner.

5. My partner is my best friend.

6. I tell my partner that I love them on a daily basis.

7. My partner helps me become a better person.

8. I can always rely on my partner.

9. I feel comfortable expressing myself to my partner.

10. My partner and I have healthy boundaries.

11. I am grateful that I can be my true self around my partner.

12. My partner is my number one fan, and I am theirs.

13. I approach tough topics of conversation from a place of love.

14. I have so much love for my partner.

15. My partner and I balance each other out.

16. My partner complements me in the best way.

17. I speak kindly to my partner.

18. My partner and I set and accomplish goals together.

19. I strive to truly understand where my partner is coming from.

20. I accept the differences that my partner brings to our relationship.

21. I have an open mind with my partner, even when our opinions differ.

22. I do not judge my partner, I seek to understand them instead.

23. I always have my partner’s back.

24. I always show my partner respect.

25. I always show my partner kindness.

26. I always show my partner empathy.

27. My partner and I take responsibility for our actions.

28. My partner and I hold each other accountable.

29. My partner teaches me important life lessons.

30. My partner gets me.

31. I am my best self when I’m with my partner.

32. My partner sees the potential in me.

33. My partner and I have similar beliefs systems.


A woman and a man holding eachother's faces.


Affirmations For A Lasting Relationship

If you want your current relationship to last, here are some really great relationship affirmations.

It takes a lot for a relationship to handle the ups and downs of life, and these daily affirmations will help you to remember what’s most important at the end of the day.


1. I am worthy of a lasting relationship.

2. My relationship grows deeper each day.

3. My partner is my soul mate.

4. I value spending quality time with my partner.

5. I am so grateful for my happy relationship.

6. My life partner is the perfect one for me.

7. I approach my partner in a loving way, no matter the topic of conversation.

8. My partner loves me, and I love my partner.

9. My partner and I have a true and deep connection.

10. Hard times are inevitable, and I’m grateful to overcome them with my partner.

11. I tell my partner what I love about them on a regular basis.

12. Our relationship is moving in the right direction.

13. I am honored that I get to spend the rest of my life with my partner.

14. My personal relationships mean the world to me.

15. I enjoy catering to the needs of my partner. We help and support each other.

16. Difficult times come and go, but my partner is forever.

17. I do my best to communicate my needs and expectations to my partner.

18. I do my best to really listen to what my partner has to say.

19. I do my best to help my partner through difficult times.

20. I cherish my relationships.

21. Arguments in relationships are normal. I don’t put unnecessary expectations on my relationship.

22. I love dreaming about the future with my partner.

23. Setting goals with my partner gets us both excited for what’s to come.

24. My partner is a human being, just like me, and they make mistakes.

25. My partner and I strive to learn from our mistakes.

26. I take my relationships very seriously.

27. I strive to understand my partner’s perspective.

28. We invest time and energy in our relationship.

29. We check-in with each other often to ensure that we are both content and on the same page.

30. My partner and I love to try new things.

31. My partner and I love to have new experiences together.

32. Making new memories is one of our favorite things to do.

33. I learn so much from my partner.

34. I stay aware of my partner’s needs.

35. My partner and I show love to one another in ways that are aligned with our love language.

36. I’m in love with my best friend.


My relationship grows deeper each day
My relationship grows deeper each day. (Pin me!)


Affirmations To Attract Your Soul Mate

We all want partners who genuinely love us and care for us. If you are someone who is not in love presently, but you want to attract the love of your life, you can use these affirmations to do that.

Picture your ideal partner, keep a positive mindset, and use these affirmations to manifest the perfect person for you.


1. I welcome love into my life with open arms.

2. My soul mate will accept me for who I am.

3. I am a magnet for love.

4. I know that there is an amazing person out there for me.

5. I trust that my life will lead me into the arms of my soul mate.

6. My soulmate is on their way to me right now.

7. I trust that the Universe has reserved the most wonderful love for me.

8. Love flows to me effortlessly.

9. All obstacles are removed on the path between me and my true love.

10. The right person is on their way to me.

11. I give the kind of love that I want to receive.

12. Each day, I’m getting closer to my person.

13. I am a loving person and cannot wait to love someone.

14. I already feel a strong connection to my future partner.

15. My life is filled with loving relationships.

16. I am worthy of love.

17. I am ready for a new relationship.

18. I deserve the best.

19. My future partner makes me feel secure.

20. My person is on their way to me.

21. Love is just around the corner.

22. I trust that love’s timing is just right.

23. Love knows where to find me.

24. I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.

25. I release any negative thoughts about love.

26. I am worthy of unconditional love.

27. I live each day with an open heart.

28. Happy healthy relationships are in my near future.

29. I focus on my own happiness, and the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

30. I let go of my past love life, and focus on the present.

31. My future partner will not try to change me.

32. My future partner is someone I admire.

33. Love can find me anywhere, at any time.

34. I am open to new love in my life.

35. I attract love.

36. My future partner is someone I am grateful to know and love.

37. My future partner and I share many of the same values.

38. My love will occur at the exact time it’s meant to.

39. I am so excited to love my partner.

40. My future partner has a positive energy that is undeniable.

41. My future partner and I are happy.


A woman and a man happy together in a park


Love Affirmations

Here are some love affirmations you can use to appreciate the love you already have in your life, and attract new love.

At the end of the day, what matters most is the people we do life with, and these affirmations will help you to remember to give and receive love to the best of your ability.


1. My love life is incredible.

2. My partner encourages me to be the best version of me.

3. I am so grateful for the amount of love in my life.

4. I love myself.

5. I’ll never stop pursuing love, and love will never stop pursuing me.

6. Love follows me everywhere.

7. I am enough just as I am.

8. My partner loves me for me.

9. My partner brings out the best in me.

10. Love surrounds me wherever I go.

11. I desire a love that makes me feel safe.

12. Self love is so important to me.

13. I make others feel loved on a regular basis.

14. I love to give love.

15. I value practicing self love.

16. I am a loving person.

17. Feeling loved makes my daily life 100x better.

18. Love isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.

19. My soulmate is patiently waiting for me to find them.

20. I create space for more love in my life.


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What relationship affirmations were your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


This post was all about relationship affirmations that work fast.


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