120+ Positive Love Affirmations To Boost Your Love Life

This post is all about Positive Love Affirmations That’ll Boost Your Love Life.

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Are you looking for love affirmations because you want to have more loving relationships in your life? Maybe you want to improve your relationship with your significant other, or even improve your relationship with yourself.

We all want and need love in order to have a fulfilling life, and we all deserve love.

No matter your reasoning for being here, these love affirmations, if practiced consistently, can help you have a better love life and better relationships overall. 

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What are affirmations?

Affirmations, according to MindTools.com, are “positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.” 

We all have negative thoughts from time to time. But they become a problem when they start pouring in and we start believing them all to be true.

In order to combat the negativity, you can use affirmations to flip the script and create more positive thoughts and beliefs for yourself.

Affirmations are simple, positive statements that you say to yourself each day. Affirmations are powerful tools.

The more consistent that you are with saying or using your affirmations, the more likely they are to work and help you be more positive.

My therapist always encourages me to use affirmations, and I have to say they’ve helped me tremendously. 

It’s so important to remember that your thoughts are not facts. And you have the power to change your thoughts so that you can have a more pleasant life experience. Affirmations will help you do that.


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What affirmations should I use for love?

In this post, there are all sorts of different love affirmations for you depending on where you are in your love life (single, looking for love, in a new relationship, getting engaged, etc.). Here are the best love affirmations.


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Positive Self-love Affirmations

They say that before you find love with another person, you must first love yourself. Here are the most powerful affirmations for self love.


1. I love myself.

2. I am worthy of love.

3. I am enough.

4. I trust myself to make good decisions.

5. There is no point in being hard on myself.

6. I am doing my best.

7. I strive to always do the right thing.

8. I may make mistakes, but I always make it right.

9. I am thankful for my body and all the things that it allows me to do.

10. I am so much more than what I look like.

11. I am smart and talented.

12. I am capable of whatever I set my mind to.

13. I do not underestimate myself.

14. If I can believe it, I can achieve it.

15. I’m no longer going to play small.

16. My self worth is not based on my achievements. I am inherently worthy.

17. No one gets a medal at the end of life for “doing the most things”.

18. I amaze myself on a daily basis.


Which self love affirmations are your favorite?


Love Affirmations For Open Communication

Open and honest communication is key in relationships. In fact, according to Very Well Mind, poor communication is a top reason for failed relationships alongside loss of trust, lack of respect, and a difference in priorities.

To ensure that you and your partner communicate in the most effective and best way, here are some great love affirmations for open communication.


19. My partner and I are always honest with each other.

20. My partner and I value honesty and integrity in our relationship.

21. My partner and I don’t hold things in, we express them respectfully.

22. I am an honest person.

23. I am a loving person.

24. When I express myself, I am kind.

25. I communicate with my partner to make progress in our relationship.

26. When we communicate openly, we are building a stronger connection.

27. Our communication may not be perfect, but we are working on it.

28. It’s better to be open and honest about how we are feeling than to not say anything at all.

29. I stay vulnerable in difficult conversations.

30. My partner and I are committed to conflict resolution.

31. We are always searching for solutions to apparent problems.


Affirmations For Attracting Love

Is love something that you are longing for, but you haven’t been able to stumble upon as of late? If that’s the case, here are some affirmations for attracting love.

Use these affirmations to help yourself believe that you are worthy of a loving, wonderful relationship with someone you love.


32. I am a wonderful, kind, and loving person.

33. I will think positive thoughts and put out good energy to attract love.

34. Good things always come my way.

35. I deserve a partner who treats me with respect.

36. I deserve a partner who accepts me for who I am.

37. I will be with a partner who does not try to change me.

38. I attract a partner that has similar interests as me.

39. I will be with someone who makes me a better person.

40. One day, I will be with someone who shares a similar life vision.

41. I will be with someone who shares a positive outlook on life.

42. I will be with someone who only wants the best for me and vise versa.

43. I attract only the best kinds of people.

44. I attract good vibes and good people.


Love Affirmations For Your Next Relationship

Are you currently single but ultimately wanting a new relationship down the road? Use these affirmations to start getting your mind focused on what you really want your next relationship to be like.

This is a lot like manifesting. Manifesting, according to Vox, is “the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real.” 

I personally think manifesting is very real and I love to practice it in my own life!


45. I will find a partner who is a great match for me.

46. I will not settle when it comes to choosing a partner.

47. I will find someone who respects me.

48. I will be with someone who wants the best for me.

49. I cannot wait to shower my partner with love and support.

50. I know what I deserve in my next relationship.

51. If I need a break from dating, I will take one.

52. I will not rush what is meant to be.

53. I will be honest with myself when it comes to what I want in my future partner.

54. I deserve a partner who loves me for me.

55. I won’t need to change myself or who I am truly am for my future partner.


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Powerful Love Affirmations For New Relationships

Are you in a new relationship? How exciting! This is such a fun part of life.

To ensure you fully embrace this experience, here are some amazing powerful love affirmations for new relationships. 


56. I let myself embrace the excitement of this new time in my life.

57. I am so grateful for this exciting new chapter.

58. I can’t wait to get to know my partner even better.

59. I don’t overthink things in my new relationship, I let things unfold naturally.

60. My new relationship is everything I’ve been waiting for.

61. I am so happy to have found someone who is kind to me.

62. I am so happy to have found someone who believes in me.

63. I am going to try new things with my partner and get out of my comfort zone.

64. I am so thankful for this new and healthy relationship.

65. I stay present so I can truly take in this time of my life.


Positive Love Affirmations For Your Current Relationship

It’s an amazing feeling to be in a healthy, loving, committed relationship.

If you are in one currently, or you hope that your current relationship could improve in some ways, here are some daily positive affirmations you can use to ensure your relationship thrives.


66. My partner and I take care of each other.

67. My partner and I actively listen to one another.

68. I am always suggesting we try new things to get out of our routine and have new experiences with each other.

69. I am always planning something fun for us.

70. I give my partner space when they need it.

71. I help my partner through their troubles, and they do the same for me.

72. My partner and I spend time learning each other’s love language.

73. I leave my partner surprise sticky notes to let them know I love them.

74. I always tell my partner that I love them.

75. I feel so loved by my partner.

76. No relationship is perfect, and I don’t compare my relationship to anyone else’s.

77. My partner and I have so much in common.

78. I am to have a positive mindset in life and in my relationship.

79. I always think loving thoughts of my partner.

80. My partner and I always want the best for each other.


Love Affirmations For A Lasting Relationship

Relationships take work every single day. While sometimes this can be hard, it is also a beautiful thing to watch your relationship grow and flourish over time.

Here are some daily affirmations that you can use to help your relationship thrive for many years to come.


81. My partner and I trust each other.

82. My partner and I want the best for each other.

83. I am so proud of my partner.

84. I am so grateful that my partner is in my life.

85. I can’t wait to see how much my partner and I grow together over the years.

86. There is no one I would rather be with.

87. As the years go on, I still learn new things about my partner.

88. My partner and I will not give up on our love.

89. Times may get tough, but we will work through them together.

90. My partner and I are committed to each other.


Unconditional Love Affirmations

According to Psych Central, unconditional love is “the selfless act of loving someone with full acceptance and without expecting anything in return”. 

In some cases, you have to be careful with this – especially in romantic relationships – because if someone is treating you poorly you shouldn’t just “accept” that.

However, if you are in a loving and respectful relationship, accepting someone and them accepting you – flaws and all – can be a really beautiful thing. 

Here are the best affirmations for unconditional love.


91. I vow to love my partner unconditionally.

92. I accept my partner for all that they are.

93. I am so grateful that my partner accepts me for me, and has never judged me.

94. I will not judge my partner.

95. I will be honest with my partner, but I will not try to change them.

96. I will love my partner unconditionally while always expecting respect, and I will respect my partner, too.

97. My partner will make mistakes, just like I will, and we will work through them together to the best of our ability.

98. No relationship is perfect, but my partner and I both deserve to be in a happy, fulfilling, and loving relationship.

99. My partner and I value respect.


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Love Affirmations For Romance 

If you and your partner love to be romantic, or you want to add a little romance into your life, here are the best affirmations for romantic love.


100. I am going to plan a romantic date night for me and my partner.

101. I am going to plan a date night at our favorite restaurant.

102. My partner loves to receive gifts, so I am going to think of something thoughtful to get them.

103. I love to spend quality time with my partner.

104. I love planning special events for our anniversaries.

105. We love to travel together, so it’s about time we plan our next trip.

106. “Words of affirmation” is my partner’s love language, so I will keep that in mind the next time I speak to them.

107. This Valentine’s day will be our best one yet.

108. I love to leave my partner surprise love notes.

109. It’s so important to me that I show my partner that I love them.

110. I am grateful for such a romantic partner.

111. I am going to tell my partner one thing I love about them today.

112. My partner loves words of affirmation so I will make sure to offer that to them today.


Love Affirmations For Engagement

You’re engaged or getting engaged soon, how exciting! It’s an amazing thing to finally find your life partner.

This is a time of your life that should absolutely be celebrated and enjoyed. Here are the most beautiful love affirmations for engagement.


113. This is such a beautiful and exciting time of my life.

114. I cannot wait to see how my relationship continues to grow and evolve.

115. I am so thankful for my lifelong partner.

116. I cannot wait to marry my best friend.

117. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life.

118. I have found the right person for me.

119. I have found my one true love.

120. I welcome this new chapter of my life with open arms.

121. My fiance has made such a positive impact on my life.

122. I am confident that I have found my soul mate.

123. I have the most caring partner.

124. I can’t believe my fiance is my future spouse.


This post was all about love affirmations.


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