It’s Per$onal #102 – Age 36, Chicago, IL

It’s Per$onal is an anonymous blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.


How old are you?



Where do you live? City and State (or Country if outside the U.S.)

Chicago Illinois


Do you like where you currently live? Why or why not?

Love living in the city but could see us moving in the future to a place with more outdoors


What is your highest level of education?



Are you single / in a relationship / married?



If you are in a relationship / married, do you and your partner have joint or separate finances?


Do you find it easy or hard to make friends?

As I get older it gets harder mainly because I don’t have the time to dedicate to fostering new friendships


Do you have any hobbies? Please explain.

I run ultra marathons and CrossFit


Has Covid-19 impacted you financially in any way?

My husband lost his bonus the first year and was forced to take a 20% pay cut


About how much do you spend on groceries each week?

Too much! Over $300


What is your total monthly rent / mortgage for your household?



What is your current occupation? If not currently employed, please say “Not Employed”



If you are currently employed, do you like your job? Why or why not?

It can be very stressful but you are rewarded for working hard so that element I appreciate and feel fortunate


What is your yearly salary (or approximate yearly compensation) for your current occupation?

$80,000 base plus commission (commission is usually equivalent or higher than my base) completely based on performance. My commission last year was over $115,000.


Do you have a second job or side hustle? If Yes, please explain.

I did personal train on the side for years but took a break this year.


If you have a second job or side hustle, about how much money do you make monthly from your second job / side hustle?



Have you ever been promoted at work? Please elaborate if so.

Several times due to work performance


Have you ever negotiated your salary?

Had a company reach out to me and went through the process when I was offered the role the pay was far under my expectations so I started the negotiation process but the way they handled it was a red flag so turned down the offer. They then came back with $30,000 more but it was too late.


Are you debt-free?



If you are debt free, how much debt have you paid off and how long did it take you to pay it all off?

$120000 paid the last $80,000 in a year and a half. All student loans and some tax debt.


If you do have debt, what kinds of debt (i.e. credit cards, student loans, car) and how much debt do you have?



Are you currently investing for retirement?



If yes, about how much do you have invested for retirement?



What’s been your favorite purchase of 2022 so far?

Our Nespresso


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self? (Doesn’t have to be money-related)

I sold off my 401k when I was in my 20s to pay off debt I should have left it. Invest early and often and try and make as much money as possible sooner.

I was in a very low paying career until my 30 years and struggled financially for too long because of it. I would have changed careers much sooner!


What are your money goals, if any?

Retire early, purchase a house and be able to pay it off quickly. Have a networth of $1 million dollars.


What is your #1 financial concern right now?

Finding a property to purchase in our budget


What financial victory/success are you most proud of?

I paid off my graduate degree in less than two years. When COVid froze the interest I used it to pay them off so I’d never get hit with interest. In hindsight I could have invested all that money while the loans sat but financial freedom was my goal and it felt so good to hit it!


What makes you imperfect?

Our food spending is always out of control.


It’s Per$onal is a blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.


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About Taylor

A few years after graduating college, Taylor made it her mission to become debt free. After paying off all $60k of debt, she began to blog about what she's really passionate about: personal development. Nowadays, Taylor blogs about the topics of Mindset, Money, Health, and Career for women.

"It's Per$onal" is a super popular and anonymous blog series about the personal lives and finances of women all over the world. Check it out!

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