It’s Per$onal #75 – Age 25, Los Angeles, CA


It’s Per$onal is an anonymous blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.

its personal




How old are you?



Where do you live? City and State (or Country if outside the U.S.)

Los Angeles, CA


What is your highest level of education?



Are you single or married?

Single, living with partner


If you are married, do you and your spouse have joint or separate finances?


Do you have any children or dependents? If yes, please explain.



What is your total monthly rent / mortgage for your household?



Has Covid-19 impacted you financially in any way?

I have actually managed to get two raises during covid, however my boyfriend has not worked (or received a paycheck) since March.


What is your current occupation? If not currently employed, please say “Not Employed”

Client Services Associate and Executive Assistant


What is your yearly salary (or approximate yearly compensation) for your current occupation?

$62,500 with $5-15K yearly bonus


If you are currently employed, do you like your job? Why or why not?

No, and I do not like the team I am on either. As a small company, this team is very gossipy and there isn’t much room for growth.

Fortunately, I there is another team at the office that is trying to transition me to their team, but I am not sure how that is going to go.

I currently work for the CEO and as his Executive Assistant, he will be hesitant to let me transition.

The other team would be great for growth into more of an investment advisor representative and it will much harder and demanding.

I think it would be better in the long run personally and for my career.


Do you have a second job or side hustle? If Yes, please explain.

I used to work the front desk at a fitness gym as a substitute if someone needed a cover on the weekends. That has gone away since gyms are still closed for Covid here.


If you have a second job or side hustle, about how much money do you make monthly from your second job / side hustle?



Do you budget on a consistent basis? If so, please explain how you currently budget:

No, but I track my spending at the end of the month and it helps me be more aware of spending the next month.


Are you debt-free?



If you are debt free, how much debt have you paid off and how long did it take you to pay it all off?

I only hold credit card debt from the month before & I always pay it off.

Do you have any student loan debt currently?



If yes, about how much student loan debt do you have?



What is your monthly student loan payment amount?


Do you have any credit card debt?



If Yes, about how much credit card debt do you have currently?


Do you have any other kinds of debt? If Yes, please explain:



Do you know what your credit score is?



If Yes, what is your credit score?


Are you currently saving for retirement?



If yes, about how much do you have saved for retirement?

Almost $19k in my ROTH, and ~$4k in 401(k)


What does an ideal retirement look like for you?

 Ideally in a house on a lake or waterfront. I most likely will have added more animals to my current 2 dogs and a fish. Lots of volunteering and or possibly starting a nonprofit for rescue dogs.


What’s your biggest purchase of 2020?

Car maintenance.


Biggest purchase of your life?

Round trip to Australia for 3 weeks, or my car.


What do you spend money on that brings you joy?
I splurge on craft stuff, for sure. And also spending money for hosting friends and family, whether it is the food/drinks, decorations, or activities.


What are your short term money goals, if any? ( < 1 year)

Finish funding the down payment fund fund for a house.


What are your long term money goals, if any? ( > 1 year)

Buy a house with the boyfriend and an old, new-to-me car.


What is your #1 financial concern right now?

Not investing or saving enough for how much I make. My spending has increased with my salary.


What financial victory/success are you most proud of?

Money is an ugly thing in my family. It was equated with love an used against people since we had it. My victory is taking hold of my finances and educating my self.

I read “Investing for Dummies,” “Personal Finance for Dummies,” and “Mutual Funds for Dummies” when I was 19 and opened up a retirement account at that age.


Anything we didn’t ask about you that you want to include?

I have been very fortunate to not have any student loans or serious debt.

My mother has helped me financially for sure. I also would not be in the financial position to buy a house if my boyfriend and I weren’t splitting it.

My boyfriend is also 37 and almost everyone in our friend groups are older than me.

Since being with him, my financial goals and trajectories have changed.


It’s Per$onal is an anonymous blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.


it's per$onal

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