68 Powerful Saturday Affirmations For A Great Weekend

Are you looking for powerful Saturday affirmations?

Affirmations are a great way to make your day even better, especially on the weekend! You can use these simple statements on Saturday morning or on Saturday night, or really at any point in between.

These positive affirmations are designed to make your Saturday even better. They will help you start your weekend off right, and set you up for the next week.


This post is all about 68 powerful Saturday affirmations for a great weekend.

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What is an affirmation? 

Affirmations are statements about yourself or your life, in the present tense and in first-person, that can serve as little reminders of what you are capable of, what’s possible for you, or what’s to come.

You can recite affirmations aloud to yourself, in your head to yourself, or write them down. You can choose multiple affirmations, or pick one or two that really stick out to you.

When repeated or said out loud, affirmations can help change your mind to a more positive outlook and/or give you hope.

Affirmations are really helpful in many situations, but they can be especially helpful if you are nervous about something like before public speaking, or if you just want to get your mind right.

People use affirmations to make them feel good and confident about their lives – and they really work!

Oftentimes, therapists will recommend affirmations to their clients. That’s because they are a very helpful tool for changing negative thoughts into more positive ones, or for simply helping to calm you down.


What is the best time for affirmations?

The best time for affirmations is typically in the morning, just before you start your day, or at night, right before you end your day.

Oftentimes, people like to do their affirmations for a little confidence boost or some hope before going into their day. That way, the daily affirmations carry them throughout the entire day.

But if you’d rather wind down by doing your affirmations and positive statements before bed, you can do that, too.

And of course, you can really do your affirmations at any time of day. If you’d rather do them in the middle of the day you can. It’s all about finding a time of day to do your affirmations that feels good to you.


Can you say affirmations in your head?

You can say affirmations in your head, out loud to yourself, write them down in a journal – whatever works for you!

If you’d rather write your favorite affirmations down on sticky notes and place them throughout your house or in your office, you can absolutely do that, too.


How long does it take for an affirmation to work?

The wonderful thing about affirmations is that they can work immediately. As soon as you say an affirmation aloud (or however you choose to use your affirmations) they can positively affect the way that you are thinking.

If you really want to change your thoughts long-term, repeating affirmations to yourself is really the best way to go. Think of using affirmations like exercise.

Exercise is great if you do it for just one day, but it is monumentally more impactful on your mental and physical health if you are consistent with it and do it most days of the week if not every day.

The same goes for affirmations. If you want to really start to change how your mind naturally thinks, use your affirmations as often as possible and watch how your thoughts truly begin to change for the better over time.


What are powerful affirmations?

If you are looking for powerful affirmations, you are truly in the best spot.

Powerful affirmations are the kind of powerful tool that when recited or written down, you feel lighter, stronger, and more prepared to take on the day.

Essentially, powerful affirmations make YOU feel more powerful. There are no affirmations that are better than others, just ones that really hit a chord with you or not.

The following list of affirmations are incredibly powerful and positive and will help you to have your best Saturday yet.


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68 Powerful Saturday Affirmations For A Great Saturday

1. Today is going to be a wonderful day.

2. Today is another opportunity to romanticize my life.

3. I cannot wait to see what this weekend brings.

4. I am motivated to make the best of this weekend.

5. I am determined to rest and relax.

6. I am determined to be productive.

7. This weekend, I will make myself proud.

8. This weekend will be incredibly meaningful.

9. I choose to have a good Saturday, no matter what comes my way today.

10. This weekend, I will make smart choices and take care of my body.

11. I will look for the good in everything.

12. This weekend, I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

13. I will spend time with people who mean a lot to me.

14. I will stay as present as I possibly can.

15. I will make sure to get a break from the work that I usually do.

16. I will move my body in fun ways.

17. I have everything I need to have an amazing weekend.

18. I am open to having a new experience today.

19. No matter what the weather’s like today, I will enjoy it.

20. I am thankful for another day on this earth.

21. I appreciate my Saturday coffee.

22. Good things always happen to me on the weekend.

23. If negative thoughts come my way, I will replace them with positive ones.

24. I will start off this weekend on the right foot.

25. Today I will have a positive mindset.

26. Positive thoughts always come my way.

27. This is going to be my best Saturday yet.

28. I will face any upcoming challenges with grace.

29. I will complete my weekend to-do list with ease.

30. Today I will limit my time on social media.

31. This weekend, I will spend quality time with the people that love me the most.

32. This weekend, I will put my mental health and physical health first.

33. I will eat good foods that make me feel good.

34. I have a beautiful life and today will be a beautiful day.

35. I have so many good qualities that cannot be taken from me.

36. The best time to start going for my dreams is right now.

37. My best friends are proud of me and want me to succeed.

38. I am worthy of love no matter what day of the week it is.

39. Today is the beginning of an amazing weekend.

40. This weekend, I will attract things and people that make my life even more wonderful.

41. I forgive myself for any mistakes I may have made prior to today.

42. I am grateful for another weekend.

43. This weekend is full of possibilities.

44. Good things always happen to me on the weekends.

45. Today is a great day to keep pursuing my dreams.

46. I’m so grateful for the day ahead.

47. I am very productive on the weekends.

48. I am very active on the weekends.

49. My imperfections make me even more beautiful.

50. It’s better to show up as I am than try to be something I’m not.

51. I will not put pressure on myself to look a certain way this weekend.

52. I am beautiful just as I am.

53. I am grateful for today because it’s a new beginning.

54. Today is a brand new day and I can’t wait to see what it brings.

55. I smile, because I’m grateful to be alive.

56. I will accept the things that I cannot change.

57. I will embrace any unexpected situations that may come my way.

58. I will focus on making positive change in the world, even if it’s a small act.

59. I will practice positive self-talk because negative self-talk does nothing for me.

60. No day is guaranteed, so I am thankful for another one.

61. For the rest of the day, I will pursue my goals and dreams in some way.

62. Yesterday is in the past, so I will focus on today.

63. Saturday is the best day of the week and it feels like it!

64. Bright days are ahead.

65. I will have a happy Saturday and a beautiful weekend.

66. I will try something new this weekend.

67. I will practice gratitude on both Saturday and Sunday.

68. I am worthy of an amazing weekend.


How to write daily affirmations?

If you’d like, you can always write your own affirmations! To do this, start off your affirmations in the present tense. From there, most affirmations contain the phrases “I will…”, “I am…”, or something in that ball park.

For example, let’s say you have to give a presentation and you are really nervous about it. An affirmation that you could create and say to yourself could be something like, “I am a great public speaker” or “I am going to do my best today and that will be enough.”

Affirmations are an incredible way to practice positive thinking. They can also bring us a lot of hope by sparking new thoughts.

If you are someone who could benefit from Saturday morning affirmations, or just Saturday affirmations in general, you should keep doing these!

You don’t always have to use affirmations on the weekend. You can use your affirmations at any time of the week or before certain situations.

As the stigma around mental health begins to slowly subside, the use of affirmations is on the rise because they help people have a more positive attitude and therefore, a better day.


This post is all about 68 powerful Saturday affirmations for a great weekend.


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