150+ Abraham Hicks Affirmations To Manifest The Life You Desire

This post is all about Abraham Hicks Affirmations. 

abraham hicks affirmations

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Or manifesting?

Oftentimes, to me, it sounds a little too good to be true, but then I think about the few instances where I’ve really been able to manifest certain things for myself.

For example, a few years ago I moved to a new city. In that city was the headquarters of a company that I really wanted to work for. 

To work for that company always felt like a pipe-dream, but for years I still thought about it. I wondered what it would be like to be a part of such a company and to walk into their headquarters every day for work. 

I would constantly tell my friends and family, and anyone who’d listen, that I’d love to work for that company one day.

Well, a couple years later, that became a reality, and I ended up getting a job offer for that company.

Another example is when I wanted to grow my following on social media, Instagram specifically. I wrote on a piece of notebook paper “30K followers” and pinned it to my wall near my desk where I would see it every day.

My account had 22k followers at the time, and my growth felt stagnant.

About 8 months had gone by since I pinned that piece of paper to my wall, and nothing had changed. I remember thinking “how on earth do I expect to get 8k more followers?” but then something weird happened…

Just a few weeks later I had a reel go viral and sure enough, I surpassed the 30k mark within a matter of weeks.

Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction or manifesting things, I don’t think it can hurt to try! 

Who is Abraham Hicks? Who is Esther Hicks?

If you’re not familiar with either Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, you’re in for a treat!

Abraham Hicks is not a person, but rather a spiritual energy, sometimes recognized as “source energy”. It is said that Abraham Hicks speaks through the body of Esther Hicks, who is an actual human being.

Esther Hicks and her late husband Jerry Hicks are/were huge pioneers of the Law of Attraction, and Abraham Hicks is a huge part of that. Here’s a post containing 115 Abraham Hicks quotes if you want to read more about manifesting your ideal life.

Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and author. She puts on various seminars every year – either online, or in-person. 

Her company, Abraham-Hicks Publications, also has many workshops (and even cruises) that people can take to learn more about the teachings of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction.

If you don’t know what the Law of Attraction is, according to LawofAttraction.com, it is the idea that “we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives. 

A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding what you focus on, manifests – which can have an intense impact on what happens to you.”

So essentially what you focus on, you get more of.

That means, that if you can get yourself to focus on positive outcomes and desires, that these things can start manifesting in your everyday life.

Not everyone is sold on the idea of the Law of Attraction (some are quite skeptical) but it has helped many people lead the lives they used to only dream about.

What are some feel good affirmations from Abraham Hicks?

This blog post is filled to the brim with feel good affirmations from Abraham Hicks. These affirmations will help you flip any negative thoughts that you have so that you can have a more positive mindset. 

Affirmations are typically one-sentence statements written in the first-person and in the present tense.

When repeated or read on a consistent basis, they can really start helping you change your mindset from a more negative outlook, to a more positive one.

Choose a few Abraham Hicks affirmations that you like from this post, and either repeat them to yourself out loud or in your head each day, or write them down on a post-it note that you keep by your bed or stick on your bathroom mirror.

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Abraham Hicks Affirmations For a Happy Life

The easiest way to create a happy life for yourself is to focus on it. What do you want out of life?

When you picture your ideal life, what does it look like? Where are you located? Who are you with? What do you do every day?

Asking yourself these questions on a daily basis will help you to consistently visualize and focus on the life you want. And according to the Law of Attraction, the way to get the things you want most is by focusing on them.

Here are Abraham Hicks affirmations that you can use to further help you to focus on and imagine the life that you want.

1. I am joy and I attract joy.

2. I have a good feeling about today.

3. The greatest gift I can give someone else is my happiness.

4. I radiate pure positive energy.

5. My life experience is unfolding perfectly.

6. I am a happy person.

7. I am the powerful creator of my reality.

8. I do not fixate on negative thoughts.

9. I imagine a beautiful life for myself and I focus on that.

10. I reach for feel-good thoughts.

11. I surround myself with the right people.

12. My life is a string of happy moments.

13. Today I will take inspired action.

14. I am worthy of a happy life.

15. I have everything that I need for a beautiful life.

16. I am here for the thrill of the ride.

17. I want to be of greatest value to others.

18. There are so many positive aspects of my life.

19. I am powerfully on my path.

20. I am unconditionally loved.

21. I am just beginning the best part of my life.

22. I am moving in the direction of my identified desires.

23. I don’t wait for perfect moments, I make perfect moments.

24. I am on a happy journey of life.

25. I invite good feelings into my life.

26. Freedom, growth, and joy come easily to me.

27. The universe will always take care of me. 

28. I am healing with every day that passes.

29. I welcome never-ending joy into my life.

30. No matter what, I will try my best.

31. I expect an incredible life for myself.

32. I am constantly envisioning a beautiful life for myself.

abraham hicks affirmations for a good day
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Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Affirmations

The Law of Attraction, according to many, is incredibly powerful. Even if you’re not totally sure you believe in it, there’s no harm in trying, right?

33. Good things are always coming my way.

34. I will focus on the positive aspects of my life.

35. I am in vibrational alignment with the life that I desire.

36. Positive things are on their way to me.

37. The entire universe is conspiring right now to give me everything I’ve ever desired.

38. I will take the path of least resistance to the life that I desire most.

39. All experiences in my life have perfect timing.

40. The natural unfolding of my life is everything that I need.

41. I am the creator of my own reality.

42. I feel great right now and I am attracting more of this feeling into my life.

43. I am a magnet that attracts the things that I desire.

44. I am a vibrational match for all my desires.

45. I am eager for what is coming.

46. Everyone that crosses my path can feel my positivity.

47. I trust that everything will work itself out.

48. I am appreciative of what is.

49. I focus on the good.

50. There is nothing I cannot be, do, or have.

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51. The possibilities for my life are endless.

52. I wish the best for everyone that I interact with.

53. I do not fixate on unwanted things.

54. I have an attitude of trust toward the Universe.

55. The attraction of things I desire comes easily to me.

56. My most valuable skill is focusing on what I want most in this life.

57. I am grateful for this journey called life.

58. The most beautiful life is unfolding right before my eyes.

59. No matter where I end up, I’ll know I’m ending up in the right spot for me.

Abraham Hicks Affirmations for Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is so important, especially if you are someone who is constantly being hard on yourself.

Instead of beating yourself up when something doesn’t go your way, why not try saying some Abraham Hicks affirmations for positive self-talk?

Being positive with yourself will be much better for your mental health, and it can help you turn things around more quickly.

You’ll be a lot less motivated to turn things around if you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re a “loser” or that you’re “awful at x, y, and z”. 

Here are some great positive self-talk affirmations you can use to replace your negative thoughts: 

60. My beliefs are just thoughts that I have had many times.

61. I let go of beliefs that no longer serve me.

62. I spark joy wherever I go.

63. I am a happy person.

64. I am always improving at the things that I work hard at.

65. My current thoughts attract my future thoughts, so right now I will think happy thoughts.

66. I am pure positive energy.

67. I will not try to force the things that I desire. The things that I want the most will come to me with ease.

68. I will fixate on the things that make me happy today.

69. Today I will not worry.

70. I am going to give my undivided attention to feeling good.

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71. I make the world a better place.

72. I am not stuck because life is always in motion.

73. I regret nothing because my life has unfolded just right.

74. I love myself just as I am.

75. I am capable of achieving my biggest, wildest dreams.

76. My opinion of me is the only one that matters.

77. People like me as much as I like me.

78. Every day I will practice being happy.

79. I let go of discomfort, and invite ease into my life.

80. I’m creative, powerful, and loved. 

81. If I’m not excited about it, it is not the right path for me.

82. The greatest thing I can give myself is the freedom from what others think.

83. I am a growth-seeking being.

84. I forgive those who have hurt me.

85. I look forward to where I want to go, and don’t spend time complaining about where I am.

86. I take care of my body.

87. I prioritize my physical and mental health. 

88. I have more potential than I even realize.

89. I will shed any old beliefs that no longer serve me.

90. I will not place any self-imposed limitations on myself.

91. I deserve a life of peace and ease, and so do my loved ones.

92. I am Source Energy and I am worthy of everything that I desire.

93. My inner being knows that the best is on its way to me.

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Abraham Hicks Affirmations For Money

Here are some great Abraham Hicks Affirmations for manifesting more money in your life. 

Money isn’t the easiest thing to navigate, especially if you have debt or other financial obligations that cause you stress. But it helps to say money affirmations if you feel that you are struggling with money, or if you just want to improve your relationship with money.

This first affirmation, which is also an Abraham Hicks quote, will get you started on changing any negative thoughts you have about money.

94. “Money isn’t the means to a happy life. A happy life is the means to money.”

95. I am a money magnet.

96. My standard of success is not about money. It’s about the joy I feel.

97. The amount of money I have does not equate to the amount of joy I feel.

98. I am grateful for money.

99. Money flows to me effortlessly.

100. I am content with how much money I have.

101. I will have extravagant future experiences thanks to money.

102. Money always comes to me at the perfect time.

103. Money allows me to do amazing things in my life.

104. There are so many means of earning money, and I will find the best one for me.

abraham hicks morning affirmations
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Abraham Hicks Morning Affirmations

One of my favorite Abraham Hicks quotes is about how each morning when you get up, you should say “thank you” to the universe or your higher power, whomever that may be.

As humans, we often take for granted the days that we have on this earth. We act as if they are guaranteed, but the fact of the matter is that that’s just not the case, unfortunately.

Life can end at any moment. So why not say “thank you” to whoever gave you one more day?

Here are some positive statements and Abraham Hicks affirmations to help you practice gratitude and inject joy into your mornings:

105. I am attracting good things today.

106. My physical body feels great today.

107. I feel as though I am in vibrational alignment with my innermost desires.

108. I have a good feeling about today.

109. Waking up is the greatest gift.

110. All is well today.

111. I am responsible for how I feel today.

112. I will take care of planet earth today.

113. My life experience will unfold perfectly for me today.

114. I am the powerful creator of my day.

115. I am designing a happy life for myself with every day I live.

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116. I feel a burst of positive energy today.

117. I am grateful for today.

118. If I don’t like my reality, there are things that I can do to change it.

119. I love me and I know that I deserve love.

120. Today is the best day of my life.

121. The amount of joy I feel right now is overwhelming in the best way.

122. The best things in life are on their way to me.

123. I live in an abundant universe where anything is possible.

124. I am living my best life.

125. Today I will choose to feel good.

126. Today I am going to trust the universe.

More Amazing Abraham Hicks Affirmations For A Beautiful Life

127. I love who I am becoming.

128. Every day I am grateful for another day to pursue my best self.

129. Everything I’ve ever wanted is possible for me.

130. I will not surround myself with people who lower my vibration.

131. I will manifest my dreams just like Abraham Hicks says I can.

132. Every day I step into my worthiness.

133. I am capable of completely changing my life.

134. I will live each day with an abundant mindset so I can attract everything I’ve ever wanted.

135. The wealth I’ve always wanted is on its way to me.

136. I have more potential than I even know and I am well on my way to having my dream life.

137. I chose a partner that wants all the same things I do and who increases my vibration.

138. The more good things happen, the more good things happen.

139. I will bless my body by making healthy choices.

140. Everything always ends up working out in my favor.

141. I believe everything will work out as its meant to.

142. My biggest fears will not stop me from living the life that I know I am capable of.

143. I see myself doing good and attracting good for the rest of my life.

144. I have a good feeling about the rest of my life.

145. I am so grateful for another day to go chase my dreams and get closer to them.

146. Everything I ever need always shows up at the right time.

147. There is always space for me.

148. There are always new things to learn and new people to meet who will show me the way.

149. I am ready to receive all that the universe has for me.

150. I cannot wait to watch the plans for my life unfold.

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I want to be of greatest value to others. I am always moving in the direction of my dreams.I am here for the thrill of the ride. I am joy and I attract joy. I am becoming who I always said I would. I am unstoppable.

This post is all about Abraham Hicks Affirmations To Manifest The Life You Desire.

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