Top 13 Funny And Motivational Keynote Speakers


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This post is all about funny motivational speakers.


As someone who is obsessed with personal development (like really, sometimes I think I need to chill haha) I have listened to sooo many motivational speakers over the last few years. From podcasts, YouTube videos, to live events – I just can’t seem to get enough of it!

In my opinion, watching a motivational speaker is the best way to get inspired to overcome life challenges, build strong teams, and come up with new ideas.

With that said, I’ve put together this list of phenomenal motivational speakers that are incredibly good at what they do – motivating!

Whether you want to hire a motivational speaker to speak at one of your corporate events or meetings, or you’re just looking to listen to one for a boost of motivation, you will find the perfect fit for you in this post.

Here are the best funny motivational speakers.


​Top Funny Motivational Speakers

If you are looking for the top motivational speakers who also love to use a little humor in their craft, here is a list of people that you will love.


1. Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins.
Tony Robbins. Image credit: @TonyRobbins on Twitter.


I’ve met several people who say that Tony Robbins has substantially changed their life. Tony Robbins has an intense, yet nurturing style to his motivational speeches that’ll have the audience laughing, crying, and reflecting along the way.

Tony Robbins is one of the most well-known speakers in the world. With various in-person events as well as virtual ones, you can always find a way to indulge in the wisdom of Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins has a Netflix documentary, podcast, various books, and more. He has tons of years of experience.

If you want to attend one of his live events, simply check out his website for all of his offerings.


Check out this post with 142 of Tony Robbins’ greatest quotes on leadership.


2. Carla Harris


Carla Harris.
Carla Harris. Image credit: Black Entrepreneur Profile.


Carla Harris is the perfect keynote speaker for business! She is hilarious, authentic, and wise.

Carla is also incredibly successful. According to, she was “appointed by President Barack Obama to chair the National Women’s Business Council” in 2013.

She was also “named to Fortune Magazine’s list of ‘The 50 Most Powerful Black Executives in Corporate America'” among various other accolades.

I’ve seen her speak twice now at two different companies that I’ve worked at, and I loved hearing her funny stories and insight both times. She is a phenomenal virtual keynote speaker.

If given the opportunity to attend a motivational speech by Carla Harris again, I will definitely be there.


3. Ed Mylett


Ed Mylett
Ed Mylett. Image Credit: Ed Mylett – YouTube.


Ed Mylett is my personal favorite funny keynote speaker. I haven’t had the chance to see him in person yet, but I can’t wait to!

Ed Mylett is an author, successful business owner, and dad.

He is seemingly kind, sincere, compassionate, and down to earth. He also has a sense of humor that makes him incredibly likable!

He has a fantastic podcast and you’ll love his Instagram content, too. He often talks about his struggles in life and how he overcomes them with each passing day.

Speaking of podcasts, if you’re looking for a new one, check out this post of my top 50 most recommend podcasts!

Lastly, Ed Mylett has a very popular book called The Power of One More. You can check it out here on Amazon:


The Power Of One More by Ed Mylett.

Buy On Amazon


4. Mel Robbins


Mel Robbins.


Mel Robbins is straight-to-the-point and no-nonsense, but in a way that comes off super relatable and kind.

She is well-known for her 5 second rule and high-fiving yourself in the mirror. The 5 second rule is all about counting down from 5 when you really don’t want to do something (like getting out of bed early) and once you hit 1, you launch yourself out of bed!

The high-fiving yourself in the mirror is all about showing love and acceptance for yourself, and it has helped millions of people worldwide.

She has a podcast and a few very popular books where you can learn more about her helpful life tactics.

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins:

The 5 Second Rule.

Buy On Amazon


The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins:

The High 5 Habit.

Buy On Amazon



5. Rachel Hollis


Rachel Hollis.
Rachel Hollis. Image credit: Rachel Hollis – YouTube.


Rachel Hollis is perhaps one of the more authentic and funny professional speakers out there.

After the success of her 6th book, “Girl Wash Your Face”, Rachel Hollis rose to fame rather quickly for her quick-wit and relatable stories.

She is a very successful keynote speaker, and has a very successful podcast, too. She also hosts live events, and in the videos of her audience members that I have seen on YouTube and elsewhere, it seems that Rachel Hollis is incredibly moving and entertaining.

Check out her most successful book, “Girl Wash Your Face”, on Amazon here:


Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

Buy On Amazon


6. Jay Shetty


Jay Shetty.
Jay Shetty. Image credit: Jay Shetty – YouTube.


Jay Shetty is one of the most likable podcast hosts, humorous motivational speakers, and authors out there.

His life advice always comes from a place of love and is never judgmental. He truly wants to make the world a better place and spread his wisdom far and wide.

His wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, is also such a bright light who also posts the most positive Instagram content out there.

I recently read Jay Shetty’s book “Think Like A Monk”, and I loved it.

You can find “Think Like A Monk” by Jay Shetty on Amazon:

Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty.

Buy On Amazon


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7. Brendon Burchard


Brendon Burchard.
Brendon Burchard. Image credit: Brendon Burchard – YouTube.


I love Brendon Burchard. He just seems like the kind of person that you could walk up to on the street and have a really pleasant and meaningful conversation with.

He often talks about business skills and tactics, but he also talks about how to change your life in a positive way. He was inspired to pursue this route in life after surviving a very serious car accident.

You can check out Brendon Burchard’s podcast here.


More Funny Motivational Speakers

Here are even more of the best, funny motivational speakers in the world!


8. Jenna Kutcher


Jenna Kutcher.
Jenna Kutcher. Image credit:


Jenna Kutcher is your instant online best friend. She has an adorable family, and her Instagram captions are often filled with the most beautiful stories about life in general.

Jenna Kutcher is a bright light in the motivational speaking space.

Her podcast, Goal Digger, is typically for women business owners, but it is PACKED with helpful information and incredibly popular.

Whenever I see Jenna Kutcher, I often see her alongside people like Ed Mylett, Brendon Burchard, Mel Robbins, and Lewis Howes, who we will get to next!


9. Lewis Howes


Lewis Howes.
Lewis Howes. Image credit: Lewis Howes – YouTube.


Lewis Howes is a former athlete, podcast host, and motivational speaker.

He has a bit of a more serious tone, but still drops a few jokes throughout his content.

His podcast, The School of Greatness, is incredibly popular and he often interviews some of the most successful people in the world so that his audience can learn from them.


10. Gary Vee


Gary Vee.
Gary Vee. Image credit: Gary Vee Files – YouTube.


Gary Vee has actually gone viral for many of his motivational speeches on YouTube. That’s actually how I first found him!

Since then, he has become a content and social media marketing mastermind. He is very well respected for his ability to create a ton of content and for his business success.

He is funny, no-nonsense and intense, but he also values kindness and empathy. It’ll be hard not to get motivated by a motivational speech of his.


11. David Goggins


David Goggins.
David Goggins. Image credit: David Goggins – YouTube.


David Goggins is another one of my favorite humorous speakers in the personal development space. He is an ex-Navy Seal, ultra-marathoner, world-record-breaker, podcast host, and author. He values hard work like no one I’ve ever seen before.

He is SUPER intense (definitely the most intense person on this list) but if you can get behind his sense of humor that he pairs with his intense attitude, you may just find him to be hilarious (I know I do).

I loved reading his book “Can’t Hurt Me” that was all about how he overcame abuse as a child (among many other incredibly tough situations) to get to where he is today.

His interviews are always inspiring, and I love looking at his Instagram when I need some motivation.

You can find “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins on Amazon here:


cant hurt me by david goggins.

Buy On Amazon


Check out this post with the best quotes from David Goggins’ best-selling book “Can’t Hurt Me”.


12. Andy Frisella


Andy Frisella.
Andy Frisella. Image credit:


Andy Frisella is a funny motivational speaker who I stumbled upon very recently. He is a business owner, author, inspirational speaker, podcast host, and creator of the mental toughness challenge, “75 Hard”.

I attempted 75 HARD recently, and you can read more about what 75 Hard is here if you are interested.

Andy Frisella, along with David Goggins, are the two most no-nonsense, excuse-hating, funny speakers on this list.

If you get pumped up by someone telling you to silence your excuses (I definitely do, for better or for worse lol) then you’ll like the motivational speaking style of Andy Frisella.


13. Suze Orman


Suze Orman
Suze Orman. Image credit: @suzeormanshow on Twitter.


Suze Orman is a financial motivational speaker, and she’s been very successful for many years in doing so.

Whenever you hear about Dave Ramsey (another person who speaks on finances for a living) you often hear about Suze Orman, too.

She has written plenty of books about money, and is seen as an expert in the space.

If you need a guest speaker or motivational person that will help you  or your audience be more educated and motivated when it comes to your/their personal finances, Suze Orman will help with that.


Funny Motivational Speeches

Here are 3 funny motivational speeches that will entertain you AND get you pumped up.


This is a podcast where Joe Rogan interviews David Goggins about how to rewire your thoughts to overcome life’s toughest obstacles.


2. Mel Robbins | One of the Best Talks Ever on Self-Motivation (YouTube video)

Mel Robbins talks about how her 5 second rule will make you more self-disciplined.


3. Ed Mylett – The Lonely Road to Success (Podcast episode)

This is a great podcast by Ed Mylett where he talks about why taking the road less travelled (or, pursuing your dream) is often very difficult, but worth it.


Whether you need a speaker for corporate meetings or corporate conferences, virtual events, or you’re just looking for someone to motivate you in any aspect of life, all of the funny motivational speakers above offer a fresh perspective, great stories, and invaluable life advice. You can’t go wrong!


This post was all about the best funny motivational speakers.


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