It’s Per$onal #33 – Age 25, Australia

It’s Per$onal is an anonymous blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.

its personal



How old are you?



Where do you live?



What is your highest level of education?



Are you single or married?



If you are married, do you and your spouse have joint or separate finances?


Do you have any children or dependents? If yes, please explain.

Does my cat count? He’s very needy ?


What is your total monthly rent / mortgage for your household?



Has Covid-19 impacted you financially in any way?

Not income wise but I’ve saved more from not being able to go anywhere.


What is your current occupation? If not currently employed, please say “Not Employed”

Primary School Teacher & Cleaner


What is your yearly salary (or approximate yearly compensation) for your current occupation?

Teaching $87,0000


If you are currently employed, do you like your job? Why or why not?

I love being a teacher! I don’t love the school I work at as it is a toxic workplace and toxic boss.


Do you have a second job or side hustle? If Yes, please explain.

Second Job as a cleaner


If you have a second job or side hustle, about how much money do you make monthly from your second job / side hustle?



Do you budget on a consistent basis? If so, please explain how you currently budget:

I split my fortnightly pays into set amounts for each category. The amounts in each category don’t ever change. It’s the “buckets” form of budgeting made popular by the Barefoot Investor book.


Are you debt-free?



If you are debt free, how much debt have you paid off and how long did it take you to pay it all off?



Do you have any student loan debt currently?



If yes, about how much student loan debt do you have?



What is your monthly student loan payment amount?



Do you have any credit card debt?



If Yes, about how much credit card debt do you have currently?



Do you have any other kinds of debt? If Yes, please explain:

Just a investment property mortgage


Do you know what your credit score is?



If Yes, what is your credit score?



Are you currently saving for retirement?



If yes, about how much do you have saved for retirement?



What does an ideal retirement look like for you?

Traveling, having a lovely house + garden. Surrounded by family.


What’s your biggest purchase of 2020 so far?

Hotel Accommodation $500


Biggest purchase of your life?

My apartment $367,000


What do you spend money on that brings you joy?

Plants, eating out, sustainable zero waste options and travel!


What are your short term money goals, if any? ( < 1 year)

Save $10,000 for a car ($700 to go!). Invest $12,000 in the share market outside of my retirement savings (superannuation)


What are your long term money goals, if any? ( > 1 year)

Pay off my apartment, increase my passive income to $80,000 per year!


What is your #1 financial concern right now?

That I’m not investing in the smartest way / early enough so I’m missing out of money I could be earning.


What financial victory/success are you most proud of?

Buying my apartment solo with a 20% deposit ($91,000 deposit).


Anything we didn’t ask about you that you want to include?

Short term pain = long term gain! I’m so glad I moved to the country for the financial head start it has given me.


It’s Per$onal is an anonymous blog series designed to shed light on the intricate details of the personal finances and lifestyles of women.


it's per$onal

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It's Per$onal is an anonymous blog series about the personal lives and finances of women.

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"It's Per$onal" is a super popular and anonymous blog series about the personal lives and finances of women all over the world. Check it out!

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