What Makes You Imperfect? Here’s What 18 People Had To Say

One of the questions that I ask on the It’s Per$onal survey is, “What makes you imperfect?”. This is an optional question at the end of the survey, and I love it because the answers are always so honest and vulnerable, and really make you feel less alone.

So, I decided to put a bunch of answers to this question in a blog post so we can have a whole post dedicated to the beautiful imperfections of the Imperfect Taylor community 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the “It’s Per$onal” survey, it is a ~30 question Google form that women from all over the world fill out. The questions ask about your personal finances and personal lives, and you can be totally anonymous when you fill it out. I then take the answers from the survey and pop them into a blog post. We currently have over 100 It’s Per$onal blog posts on ImperfectTaylor.com right now.


This post is all about what 18 people said to the question “What makes you Imperfect?” from the It’s Personal anonymous blog series.

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What makes you Imperfect?


1. “My perfectionist tendencies.”

It’s Per$onal #117 – Age 34, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


2. “SO MANY THINGS. I’m human and always growing and evolving – I mess up my words, I reschedule commitments, I get overwhelmed; I am fallible and I can recognize those things don’t define me.”

It’s Per$onal #115 – Age 32, Denver, CO


3. “Everything — learning to give myself the grace I give others.”

It’s Per$onal #114 – Age 32, Suburbs of Minnesota


4. “I think finance wise – not increasing lifestyle spend when salary changes. You don’t always need the newest everything!”

It’s Per$onal #112 – Age 28, Boston, MA


5. “My mental health challenges – but they have taught me to put myself first, what to look for in a partner, etc. I wish I had spoken up sooner for help/medication when I was little but I wouldn’t change anything because it also molded me into the successful businesswoman I am today.”

It’s Per$onal #111 – Age 27, Walla Walla, WA


6. “So many things! One that I’m working on now is how I deliver what I’m trying to say, sometimes I don’t relay my message correctly or with the amount of compassion I’d like.”

It’s Per$onal #107 – Age 27, Orange County, California


7. “I love to shop, I’ll admit it. I go through spurts where I buy things impulsively and return them, but I’ll also go on no-spend days/weeks. Finding the right balance for me and controlling my spending is always something I’m working on.”

It’s Per$onal #105 – Age 25, Grants Pass, OR


8. “My brain and how it functions makes me imperfect but I wouldn’t be me without it.”

It’s Per$onal #104 – Age 30, San Jose, CA


9. “The fact that I’m 36 and sometimes I don’t feel like I’m “where I’m supposed to be”, yet. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and know my future is bright!”

It’s Per$onal #103 – Age 36, Baltimore, MD


10. “Our food spending is always out of control.”

It’s Per$onal #102 – Age 36, Chicago, IL


11. “I like to think of myself like the stock market– there are days when I dip down and look to be a free fall— but when you zoom out- I’m trending up.”

It’s Per$onal #97 – Age 31, Raleigh, NC


12. “Worrying too much. I forget to enjoy the moment I’m in and I’m always thinking about what I’m missing or what I need to do next. I’m working on being more present each day & allowing myself to relax.”

It’s Per$onal #96 – Age 27, Salt Lake City, UT


13. “Being scared to be vulnerable.”

It’s Per$onal #95 – Age 28, Nashville, TN


14. “I need to find the balance between saving aggressively and understanding that it’s okay to spend sometimes.”

It’s Per$onal #94 – Age 26, Southern Indiana


15. “HAHA. I cuss too much.”

It’s Per$onal #92 – Age 30, Des Moines, IA


16. “I’m a Virgo in pursuit of perfection that doesn’t exist! I am overly hard on myself.”

It’s Per$onal #88 – Age 29, Jacksonville, FL


17. “I take things too personally. “

It’s Per$onal #84 – Age 26, Tucson, Arizona


18. “I stress myself out about saving for this/that and investing for retirement that sometimes I’m not able to enjoy my life I have now and experience things as they come up.”

It’s Per$onal #83 – Age 24, Southwest Michigan


What makes YOU imperfect? Let us know in the comments below!


This post is all about what 18 people said to the question “What makes you Imperfect?” on the It’s Personal anonymous blog series.


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